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Zac and the New Men release acoustic video for ‘Deeper’

“If Royal Blood and ACDC had a child and fed it on a diet of Cleopatrick and Jimi Hendrix you’d end up with Zac and The New Men.”
Formed during the Covid lockdowns by bored teenagers, Zac and The New Men have taken the Swansea music scene by storm since their first gig in July 2021.
Released on 4th February ‘Deeper’ is the 4th single from the band and is already receiving critical acclaim.
With blues-laidened riffs and a vocal performance reminiscent of the greats that have come before them this track showcases talent
beyond their years and is sure to be a hit with festival audiences.
“‘Deeper’ was written as a commentary on society today, about being judged by outward appearances and expressing anger at feeling held back by others perceptions of who you are. The song empowers and encourages you to get on, keep moving forwards to achieve your goals. Don’t be put off by others, do it for yourself, aim high and you will succeed.”
Written, recorded and produced by 17-year-olds there’s a rawness and energy that’s relevant to young people today.
The whole song was recorded “off the floor” giving it a great dynamic feel with changes of tempo adding punch and huge guitar riffs providing the energy to push you onwards.
Zac and The New Men’s story began just over a year ago when a young man by the name of Zac got bored during the lockdowns and decided to
write a song.
He then thought he’d record the song and realised he’d need to learn to sing, produce and mix.
Life’s amazing when you’re 16 years old with no demands on your time, isn’t it?

The amazing thing about Zac is he was already an accomplished guitar player who was beginning to get recognised internationally through his Instagram.
Once his first song was written Zac began a collaboration with a drummer and good friend of his Will Newman.
Will and Zac had been jamming together in school for over a year and already had a great understanding of each others groove.
Together they wrote, recorded and released their second song “Lead Me On” at which point they decided they were going to need a full band, if they were going to be able to gig when the Covid restrictions ended.
It just happened that another good friend of theirs Oli was a keyboard player and guitarist and wanted a career in music!
All they needed now was a bass player and wouldn’t you know James a bass player is doing the same BTEC music course as Will and Oli.
So you’ve got Zac, Will, James and Oli writing songs rehearsing together but nowhere to gig!
They decided they should enter a couple of online talent contests and they did well – Last 25 from over 10,000 entries in the Radio 1 live lounge competition and Final 16 in the Bandzai battle of the bands, losing out to the eventual winner.
They’ve had radio play on BBC Radio Wales with support from Adam Walton who’s first words on hearing their music were “WOW, is the only
response I can muster” and when they finally got to do their first gig the venue had to turn away over 100 people due to Covid restrictions.
Since that first gig they’ve played over 30 pub gigs, 3 festivals (voted favourite band at one!)
4 support gigs and one sold-out headline show in Swansea.

At 17 they are all committed to a life in music, they live and breathe it.
(let’s be honest what the hell else can you do if you study BTEC Music?)
They’ve already recorded their next five releases in which you’ll hear their journey through the genres as their influences and passion for their art become clearer.
They’re about to release their fourth single “deeper” which is already receiving critical acclaim and a firm fan favourite.
‘Deeper’ is scheduled for release on February 4th with a launch event in conjunction with
Independent Venue Week on Feb 5th and will be followed by a fully produced music video.
These lads love nothing more than putting on a show, with their great musicianship, throwback 70s vibe outfits and high energy crowd involvement they always go down a storm.
You’ll hear all their great original material which gets the crowds jumping and heads banging and
you may even get to hear a cheeky cover of Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Chiled, SRV’s Scuttle Buttin or even Olivia Rodrigo’s Drivers Licence.
Whatever they play, they play it well and with passion.
Zac and The New Men have been compared to Royal Blood, Queens of the Stone Age, Red Hot Chilli’s and Cleopatrick.
Their influences come from a wide variety of genres and artists including Royal blood, Black Keys, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn,
Hosier, Kaleo, Marcus King and Chris Stapleton.

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