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German psychedelic/kraut rock group
has released single
‘Into Smithereens’

Operation Mindfuck
Psychedelik Kosmonaut
Planet 9
Andromedan Speed Freaks
The Art Of Microdosing
Into Smithereens
Surfin’ Around Saturn
40 Days

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Frank Incense – vocals, bass, guitar, synthesizer
Markus Weber – guitar
Susanne Schneider – piano, keyboards
Niclas Ciriacy – drums, percussion

The Sun Or The Moon are four adventurous and creative musicians to realize their sound inspired by the Kraut and Psychedelic Rock of the 70s.
Their second full length Andromeda is out on June 16, 2023 on Tonzonen Records.
The band has shared the second video single titled ‘Into Smithereens’.
The Sun Or The Moon comment:
“‘Into Smithereens’ is is the last song on the vinyl edition of our second album ‘Andromeda’. The song is about the dawn of a new day after a nightly journey through space, time and mind. The rising sun brings clarity back to the mind, but unfortunately the deep knowledge of what it’s all about that has grown during the night is also lost, it disintegrates with every sunbeam into small, smaller and smallest parts – into smithereens…”
The four musicians Frank Incense (vocals, bass, guitar, synthesizer), Markus Weber (guitar), Susanne Schneider (piano and keyboards) and Niclas Ciriacy (drums and percussion) describe their sound as psychedelic space lounge music.
Over an electronic foundation of repetitive beats and electronically generated soundscapes, the band develops their hypnotic sound, which is mostly located somewhere between monotonous Kraut, relaxed Psychedelic Ambient and sprawling Acid and Prog Rock.
With their second album ‘Andromeda’, which will be released as vinyl, CD and in digital form, the four musicians open the next chapter of their chilling journey through time and space.
The recording sessions and mixing of the new songs took a considerable amount of time due to the special and detailed ideas of the musicians, who also act as producers, and the large number of guest musicians invited to the sessions (including a string quartet).
The musicians again used a variety of sources of inspiration that they incorporated into the production process:
60s and 70s psychedelic bands, art and prog rock acts (Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree), Krautrock (CAN, Amon Düül), electronic pioneers (Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream), trip hop (Massive Attack, Portishead) as well as world music, jazz, new wave and post punk.
The special thing about The Sun Or The Moon here is that the four musicians manage in a relaxed way to merge their diverse influences into a homogeneous whole.

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