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Infected Minds is a Greek progressive rock band that began their musical journey in 2012, aiming on creating their own material.
With female vocals as a lead, but also with many influences, their goal is to create alternative material through hybrid fusion of various musical genres, always maintaining a heavy sound with roots in the metal scene.
In 2015, the band released their first demo titled ‘Unravel your Living’,and in 2022 their first debut album titled ‘Reanimated’ which can be found on the band’s YouTube channel along with various videos from live performances of the band throughout the years, as well as on many popular streaming platforms.
The band is active all these past years, having regular rehearsals as well as constantly bringing into life ideas for new songs or covering existing songs from other fellow artists.
Currently, the band is in the process of recording a full-length studio album on private premises, since the band is not signed with any label company.
Infected Minds are
Katerina Kehagia (vocals),
Victor Mastela (guitar),
Nikos Vlachogiannis (drums)
and Angel Pearl (bass).

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