German post-hardcore act
released single/video
‘Haunted House’

to watch thr video-clip of ‘Haunted House’, please click play…
pic by Michelle Klein

German post-hardcore experience VENUES let the chains cattle and release their brand new single ‘Haunted House’, out now worldwide, following their critically acclaimed album ‘Solace’ and previous singles ‘Reflections’ & ‘Cravings’.
Lela (clean vocals):
“If you know the feeling of being trapped in a situation that doesn’t bring good prospects but still have the urge to get out of it, you can empathize very well with the story behind ‘Haunted House.’ For me, it is a challenge to myself to recognize bad positions and leave them behind as quickly as possible.”
Robin (shouts):
“The shooting with Marius Milinski was, as always, a lot of fun. However, we used real metal chains for the video and they hurt quite a bit. Everyone of us had bruises after the shooting.”
For their most recent album VENUES went into the studio with producer Christoph Wieczorek (Annisokay) to record ‘Solace’, who coated their massive sound with a metallic alloy of remarkable precision.
Robin comments:
“We wanted to be more metal. There were some pop sensibilities of ‘Aspire’ we wanted to replace with rather the opposite.”
Melody and punch-drunk heaviness, metal and alternative rock, zeitgeist and authenticity, barbed choruses and unleashed creativity:
with their soaring sophomore release, VENUES fulfill every single promise they gave on ‘Aspire’.
“2020 showed all of us how much the band is helping us keep our sanity. Almost the whole band went through minor or medium crises since the release of our debut. Relationships went sour, and things ended and began. In times like these, our second album was the light at the end of the tunnel. Something we all could look forward to. Our music held our heads above water.”
It’s a big leap, going from ‘Aspire’ to ‘Solace’, and it’s a logical one, too.
Ten songs, ten exorcisms of negative energy, ten lifesavers.

About the current album ‘Solace’:
Kerrang UK:
“German metal with a mission and a message.”
Metal Hammer:
“there will be a bright future.”
“convinces with top songwriting and a consistent uncompromising attitude.”
“Venues present a total piece of art.”

German post-hardcore band
released single/video
‘Rite Of Passage’

to watch the video-clip of ‘Rite Of Passage’, please click play…

Konstantinos Kouparanis – guitars
Valentin Hahnemann – guitars
Dennis Vanhöfen – drums
Robin Baumann – vocals
Daniela Gruber – vocals

Venues have releazed their video-single ‘Rite Of Passage’.

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