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Finnish melodic metal artist
released a stunning debut single

Single cover by Joachim Kiviniemi / Torspomedia.
to watch the video-clip ‘If’, please click play…
pic by Victor Ekholm

Liemus is a brainchild by talented musician Timo Mustonen.
The debut single ‘IF (No One Can See)’ is released today by Inverse Records and it features guitar wizard Samuli Federley.
Mastermind Timo Mustonen comments:
“‘If (no one can see)’ is a song I originally wrote in Finnish. I translated it into English due to the requirements of the band we had at the time. Personally, it was really important to me to have the song released – to get it out of the system, so to speak. I did all the instrumentation myself, bar the guitar solo. I asked Samuli Federley to do it, and the collaboration flowed easily right from the beginning. The song is about how guilt takes a toll on you. Stylewise, the song is honoring the legacies of the likes of Massachusetts and Los Angeles plus a glimpse of Vancouver. Liemus was born out of a need to express myself as a vocalist, songwriter and musician, in a way which was not possible in my previous projects. The seeds were sown when I decided to shut down Sound Fort, a band we had before I joined Sonus Corona. It became apparent to me our story was drawing to a close in the fall of 2019, so I decided to work on my own material without the help of the band. I have always looked up to artists like Phil Collins and Anssi Kela, who have long been known to play all the instruments on their solo albums. Hence it was very important to me to do this on my own. Of course I have had help from my close friends, who have encouraged me to keep on doing music. And producer Tommi Kujala has been supporting the journey all along, and he is also the person who did the mixing and mastering for my debut single ‘If (no one can see)’.”

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