Finnish melancholic melodic
death metal band
has released single/video
‘Until No One Comes’

Composer: Timo Mölsä
Lyrics: Timo Mölsä & Ari Hokkanen
Arrangement:Timo Mölsä, Aleksanteri Kuosa
Recorded & mixed by: Aleksanteri Kuosa
Mastering engineer: Svante Forsbäck
Cover art: Slobodan Jovanovic

to watch the video-clip ‘Until No One Comes’, please click play…

Aki Salonen – vocals
Timo Mölsä – guitar
Aleksanteri Kuosa – guitar, bass, keyboards
Samuli Mikkonen – drums

pic by Stormart / Janica Lönn

Finnish melancholic melodic death metal band Endless Chain is working on their second full length album planned to be released in late 2023.
Now they have released the first single ‘Until No One Comes’ from the upcoming album.
The composer and guitar player Timo Mölsä backgrounds:
“The preparation and pre-production of the second album started already in 2021 before the release of the debut album. During the last couple of years, the making of it has continued, and in the beginning of the year we returned to the studio again. Until No One Comes is a heavy hitting track with catchy melancholic melodies. The story is exploring the themes of manipulation, control and the power of the depths of the human mind.”

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