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Finnish Death/Groove Metal band
has released album
‘Word Become Flesh’

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Pekka Paasikivi – guitar
Mika Nisu Niskaala – guitar
Iain Huntley – bass
Jani Tossavainen -drums
Saša Pul – vocals

Unredeemer is a brainchild of Pekka Paasikivi, who recruited his long time friend Mikka ‘Nisu’ Niskaala and set to fill the rest of the lineup, which was completed at the beginning of 2019, after recruiting Saša Pul, who had just moved to Finland and replied to an ad for a vocalist on a local webpage.
After playing a couple of shows, and experimenting with different lineup setups, everything was halted by the global events of 2020, and at the same time the band was looking for new members to fill the bass and drummer positions.
They recorded the ‘4-19-23’ EP with Tuomo Ijäs (Bloody heathen) on drums, and Jari Parkkinen (Kathrash) as a session bassist and released it in September 2020.
Iain Huntley joined as a permanent bassist in 2021, and work began on the next release.
Still under the uncertainty of the pandemic, they recorded ‘Word become flesh’ (deliberate spelling) in spring 2022, with Juoni Kurikka on drums.
After recording it though, another change on the drum position saw the return of original drummer Jani Tossavainen, and finally some (local) gigs.
The ‘Word Become Flesh’ was released in December 2022, preceded by ‘Shewolf And An Oak’ single, and accompanying music video.
With Pekka, Nisu, and Jani originating from different parts of Finland, Iain from Australia, and Saša from Croatia, everyone brings a bit different vibe and ideas, but everyone’s on the same page when it comes to force and energy they weave into their music and live shows.

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