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Austrian death metal band
will release album

Things To Come
Fail Better
In Dreams
Battering Ram
Mountain of Faith
Nailed to the Stars
Into the Void

Lukas Hatzmann – vocals
Gerhard Rosskogler – guitar
Andreas Kienleitner – guitar
Matthias Krenn – bass
Matthias Rinner – drums

The death metallers from Dystersol, founded in 2014 in Aflenz, Austria, present their third release with ‘Anaemic’.
With their previous albums, most recently 2018’s ‘The Fifth Age Of Man’, and subsequent live shows, the band has already caused quite a stir in the Austrian and German underground.
Not without reason, as the band manages to create a sound with their sophisticated songwriting that definitely claims a place of its own within the rough musical spectrum of death metal.
Massive riffing, driving grooves, hammering blasts and vocals between screams and growls pave the way to inspire friends of death metal as well as modern metal styles.
‘Anaemic’ is a concept album and tells the story of the rise and fall of a fictional serial killer.
The narrative focuses mainly on how a person, negatively influenced and too often disappointed by his environment and society, becomes a psychopath.
The album was produced in winter 21/22 by Milan Steinbach at Popintbreak Recordings and mastered by Nicholas Zampiello / New Alliance East Mastering.
‘Anaemic’ will be released on the 6th of april, 2023, via black sunset.

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