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German death metal act
has re-released album
‘Blood Is Life’

Blood Is Life
Forever in Me?
Hatred Unfolds
Cycle of Need
Painted Black
10 Fading Away
Bonus Tracks ‘Forsaken Dreams’ Demo
Forever in Me
A Part of Me
Fading Away
Black – Blood

Dirk Oschatz – guitars, vocals
Tim Schnetgöke – vocals, bass
Frank Schlinkert – drums, vocals
Helvin Pour – guitars

1994: Forsaken Dreams (Demo)
1996: Blood Is Life
1997: From the Ground
1998: Heads Will Roll
2000: Dead End Run
2001: The Now Noise! / Crack Up (Split)
2002: Buttoxin’ Bloom

Germany at the beginning of the nineties.
In Hünxe, North Rhine-Westphalia, four young people decide to make music under the name CRACK UP.
In 1994 they released ‘Forsaken Dreams’, a demo that caused a sensation in the German and European death metal underground.
In 1996 ‘Blood Is Life’, the highly praised and much acclaimed full length debut, was released, which was followed by 3 more albums and brought the band to the biggest festival stages in Europe.
The nineties.
A source of genre formative bands and timeless releases.
Both ‘Forsaken Dreams’ and ‘Blood Is Life’ undoubtedly belong in this category, but are in danger of being forgotten in the wheel of time, also because the number of copies was limited and has been out of print for years.
Reason enough to reissue the legendary first two releases of the German scene veterans and make them accessible to listeners in modern times.
A remaster was deliberately avoided, because Andy Classen already had 27 years ago a feel for the sound controls and any modernisation would also be to the detriment of the spirit that blew through the scene at the time and which you can almost breathe through the original production;
only the artwork was reworked due to the lack of original data.

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