Finnish black/death metal band PROGENY OF SUN
released a new single/video

Composed by Jaakko Hautamäki & Joni Kiviniemi
Lyrics by Niko Aromaa
Single cover by: Niko Aromaa

Jaakko Hautamäki – Guitar
Joni Kiviniemi – Guitar
Juha Peura – Drums
Tuomo Tolkki – Bass
Niko Aromaa – Vocals

pic by Niko Aromaa

To continue where ‘Dark Wanderer’ EP left of last year, Progeny of Sun will release two new singles in the beginning half of 2022.
Things are heating up as the new material will sound even more brutal than ever before.
First single ‘Worthless’ is released today and a stunning music video, directed by Doni Bacox.
The band comments:
“The other day while jamming together, Juha and Joni suddenly came up with a frame of a new song. Jaakko listened the demo and had to impose his own vision in order to take the credit of the whole song. During composing Jaakko managed to combine two separate ideas that weren’t originally meant to go together. These ideas merged as one, forming what came out to be perhaps the juiciest track so far. Eventually, after “slight” pressuring, Niko made the vocals and struck gold with them. Even Tuomo was given an opportunity to recompose one part of the bass lines.”
Single’s drums were recorded by Vesa Viitanen
from Napalm to thy Face Prod.
The track is mixed by Anton Sizikov (Empire Studios).
Mastering is handled by Sebastian Has (Behemoth) from Sound Division Studio Poland.

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