greek alternative garage rock band
released a video clip for the single
‘People used to talk about the weather’

to watch the video-clip of ‘People used to talk about the weather’, please click play…

Trailer Park Girl a bew alternative garage rock band from the city of Patras/Greece just released their first official video clip for the single ‘People used to talk about the weather’, from their debut EP called ‘The mixtape’.
This tune is all about the freshness and the energy that characterize the band and it’s a headstarter for the band to put them on the
alternative Rock scene for good!
Lyrics written by Efstathios Messinis & Spyros Papadimitropoulos
Music written by Trailer Park Girl
Produced by Trailer Park girl [GR} and Dionysus Maratos
Mixed and manufactured by Dionysus Maratos Recorded at Parakrousi Studios 667
Artwork made by George Papadimitropoulos
Filming Joanna Bichta
Editing: Kostas Alexakos
Actors: George Delegos, Katerina Papadaki (special thanks to Roula Dini)
Filmed at Frida Bar & live stage

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