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Italien alternative rockers
will release album
‘Another Way Of Silence’

Beautiful lie
Toxic love
Mental disease
Make it louder
Call me Mad (remaster)

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Castel d’Aiano, Bologna, Emilia Romagna, Italy, Europe.
This is the escalation of Red Roll, a band born in a little town in the Appennines mountains near Bologna.
They have just signed a distribution deal with “Universal Music” for their upcoming album, and have recently signed with manager Andrea Dulio.
They will be on tour in Italy and Europe this summer.
“When the pandemic first hit, the band was hit hard. It took away our freedom, including the freedom to express ourselves. It was no easy task to find inspiration but in the end it brought us to this album. ‘Another Way of Silence’ is a child of this difficult time, a child of this silence. It is a mature album, an album where we are naked in the face of our inner world. It is an album that allowed us to realize a dream: the one we had when as children when we played an album with the Universal logo.”
Red Roll was born in the summer of 2018 formed by 4 lifelong musicians:
Passo (vocals and guitar), Leo (guitars and vocals), Cesi (bass) and Jonny (drums).
Since that day, born almost as a joke, they have played nonstop and one step after another they found a way to get their music out there, despite the unprecedented times, full of restrictions, particularly in Italy.
“From the very beginning Red Roll it has been an outlet for our dreams, our frustrations, our pain and our ideas. It was and is a great black hole where the truest part of ourselves finds its home.”
Their first EP comes out in november 2019, with 6 original songs, under an independent label in Ferrara:
‘Resisto Distribuzioni’.
The single ‘Call Me Mad’ quickly found success reaching the final in various competitions, including Sanremo Rock, and featuring in various radio stations and newspapers, including Red Ronnie.
Thanks to this first EP they came into contact with producer Pietro Foresti, which led to their first full album.
A year of hard work, writing and analysis – a creative process essential in defining the musical identity of Red Roll, which has achieved its full expression in the forthcoming album.
In january 2022 they started recording at ‘Frequenze’ studios in Monza.
The album will be distributed digitally by Universal Music Italia and Andrea Dulio will serve as manager.
The first single, ‘Messiah’, comes out on May 27 and september will see the release of the album, ‘Another Way Of Silence’.
More than 30 concerts in Italy and Europe have been scheduled to promote the album in Summer 2022, some opportunities opening for established acts are in the works.
‘Messiah’ is the first single from the Album ‘Another Way Of Silence’.
It arrives May 27 from Universal Music Italia.
Introspective and direct at the same time, ‘Messiah’ is a no frills no fuss alternative rock song, a sonic world that hits you direclty in the gut.
“An addiction, a band-aid, like a virus in the mind, it is something that finds a space to take hold in your mind and…grow. Grow until it becomes something that you can’t do without, something that seems to make you feel better, make you feel good. And at that point that thing begins to live it’s own life, to have autonomy, making you a puppet whose strings are controlled by someone or something else. A needle in the mind that could take any shape if allowed to grow unfettered: religion, drugs and all forms of fanaticism. Any kind of addiction whatsoever, that makes us slaves to the desire to feel better.”
Another Way Of Silence
Album coming out in September through Universal Music Italia, management by Andrea Dulio.
Produced by Pietro Foresti, recorded in Monza, Frequenze Studios, January 2022.
“Writing this album was like going to a psychologist—twelve sessions in which we laid ourselves bare. If you take away the layer of distortion and pounding rhythms, the silence still remains. And thus the title: ‘silence’ isn’t a word one usually associates with rock albums, but this is in fact “another form of silence”. It’s a scream in the silence. Each song depicts a state of mind, a marginality, an extreme; a departure from what is socially acceptable in daily life. A departure from what in everyday life we say out loud…something that you say only in a psychologist’s office.”

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