Finnish industrial metal influeneced electronic music artist ALEKSANDER SUSI has released new song

Finnish industrial metal influeneced electronic music artist
Aleksander Susi has released new song ‘SMS’.

Many years ago, when he was waiting in his car, in the cellar parking place of the nearest mall, while texting with his band mate of the time,
he got back a message, which said something like “I’m your friend”.
This is how the song was born.
From the inspiration of the situation.
The song fits for the both – the fans of Phil Collins
and the fans of much heavier music.

Ingrian backgrounded industrial artist ALEKSANDER SUSI releases new single in
Russian language

Aleksander Susi
(a.k.a. Aleksi Susi, i.a. ex-2wolves, ex-Scent of Flesh, Alexanred) has released his newest single and for the first time in Russian language.
He has Ingrian background and in 1990, as a child, moved from Russia to Finland with his parents.
For years he has been active as a solo-artist nowadays, releasing regularly his Industrial Metal influenced music.
The latest song “Он не такой”, simply translated as “He is different”, is about a young man, a free soul, who goes his own path in his life.

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