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Finnish melodic metal act
has released single/video

Lyrics by Perttu Korhonen
Music by Tino Kantoluoto, Juuso Oinonen, Valtteri Viinikka
Recorded and Mixed by Tuomas Kokko at Electric Fox Studios
Mastered by Joni Vanhanen

to watch the video-clip of ‘Speedrun’, please click play…
pic by Tino-Viljami Vanhala

Perttu Korhonen – lead vocals
Valtteri Viinikka – growls & backing vocals, guitar
Juuso Oinonen – backing vocals, guitar
Tino Kantoluoto – bass guitar
Kari Rannila – drums

From a Drum and Bass experiment to a head-on metal song.
Finland’s melodic metal act Weightless World released earlier this year an ambitious and actor filled music video with their single ‘Initiate Restart’.
Now, the five-piece group has again released new material:
‘Speedrun’ is a heads-on metal song about perseverance.
“The origin of the song is actually a Drum and Bass track I was experimenting with. That track ended up also remaining as an experiment, but I saved the main lead in the intro as I thought that it would make a much better metal song. While tracking the demos, we got inspired by a style of “modern Swedish metal arrangement” as we like to call it and ended up finishing the song only in couple of hours while having fun and embracing many clichés”
, says the bassist Tino Kantoluoto.
‘Speedrun’ is, as the name suggests, a fast-paced song, but it still contains a few twists.
The drummer Kari Rannila was not inquired about his preferences for the tempo, as the song BPM was rather just announced:
“The boys just told me ‘sorry about the tempo of this’ when they presented the song to me. Otherwise it has power and a great catchy chorus, but I really need to get my legs working for it”
Rannila laughs.
Guitarist Valtteri Viinikka praises the lead vocalist Perttu Korhonen for his vocal performance in the studio and also the lyrics he wrote.
Inspired by the infamous video game Dark Souls, the lyrics portray the perseverance in many levels:
“From grinding in a video game to a modern day real-life grind on working towards what you want. I would love to hear the song in a sports event or even have it as an entrance song for an athlete or a team before a match”
says Viinikka.
Weightless World’s debut album the ‘End of Beginning’ was released in 2019.
The next full length album is set to be released next Fall.

Finnish melodic metal band
has released single/video
‘Initiate Restart’

Lyrics by Perttu Korhonen
Music by Weightless World
Recorded and Mixed by Tuomas Kokko at Electric Fox Studios
Mastered by Joni Vanhanen
Single cover art: Petri Lampela

to watch the video-clip of ‘Initiate Restart’, please click play…

Weightless World, a melodic metal band from Jyväskylä Finland, released their debut album ‘The End Of Beginning’ in 2019 and are finally preparing to launch it’s follower.
The second album’s name remains yet unpublished but it will be released in fall 2023.
The new single and music video ‘Initiate Restart’ from the upcoming album has been released.
Valtteri Viinikka, the band’s guitarist, explains:
“‘Initiate Restart’ is a true metal banger flavored with well-timed twists and pinnacled with a trademark big and epic WW-chorus. The song has been tested a few times live and results have been very convincing!”
The song’s straightforward rhythm, explosive energy and irresistible catchiness are familiar features of the band.
Kari Rannila, the drummer of the band:
“In summary it’s a tight and catchy song where influences from some of our favorite bands are slappin high fives with each other.”
As for the music video the game is on and stakes are high.
Perttu Korhonen, the band’s singer:
“The music video is about pondering whether life and death are in our own hands or just dictated events by someone or something else. What if our lives are only a game of chess where the moves made by you determine how long you can keep up with death?”
Viinikka adds:
“The topic can be also approached by thinking what kind of bet would be enough for you to put it all on the line. How high the reward or even how bad your present situation must be in order for you to risk your health, wealth, relationships and even yourself so you can aim for the better you desire?”
Founded in 2011, the band patiently developed their music for the first years until releasing their first official single ‘My Devotion’ in 2017.
This was followed by their independently released debut album ‘The End of Beginning’ in 2019 which laid out a solid base for the band’s style and sound.
The versatile album has withstood the test of time well and many devoted followers have told they’ve found new hooks to this date.
The album was also received well by the critics
(Metal Revolution, 24th May 2019):
“The End of Beginning is a very promising debut album, from a creative band, which I will recommend to fans of melodic, progressive metal and metalcore.”
During the trying times in the last couple of years caused by the global pandemic the band withdrew to write new songs and continued to refine their sound.
The silence ended on September 6th 2022, as Weightless World released a brand new single called ‘Ragdoll’.
A publication of the new material continues as fast-paced as the second single ‘Hopeless Dreams’ saw its daylight in october 25th, 2022.
Music Video:
Produced by Tino-Viljami Vanhala, Framenoir and Weightless World
Directed and Filmed by Tino-Viljami Vanhala, Framenoir
Cast: Riku Mussalo, Simo Lahtela, Marko Beltzer Pesonen, Jussi Pesonen, Jani Korhonen, Samu Herrala, Eetu Pesu, Tania Raussi, Jenna Marjanen

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