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Swiss gothic metal band
has released single/video
‘To Ailsa Rock’

2023-02-23DE – Hamburg | Logo
2023-02-24DE – Eisenhüttenstadt | Rockhütte Gesellschaftshaus Schleicher
2023-02-25 DE – Siegburg | Kubana
2023-02-26DE – Selb | Rockclub Nordbayern

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ASKARA are the support act at EDENBRIDGE’s SHANGRI – LA TOUR 2023, together with DEEP SUN.
The band is looking forward to present their latest studio album “Lights of Night” to the audience on several shows in Germany and Switzerland.
Just a few days before the tour with EDENBRIDGE and DEEP SUN, the lyric video “To Ailsa Rock” from the current studio album
“Lights of Night” was released, from which three singles and four videos were released beforehand.
“We all love Doom Metal with Death Metal influences. Sinister, reletnlessly grooving sounds harbour epic melodies. Melancholy wrapped in music that brings soothing comfort to every soul. In ‘To Ailsa Rock’ we feel like we were able to bring these very elements to a monster of a Doom song. It’s one of our personal favourites, a song that grows on you with each spinning. Together with the perfectly fitting lyrics from John Keats we really had to have a lyric video for this song. Even though it’s unusual to choose such a long piece, we simply loved the artistic combination of it all, too much!”

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