The Tølks

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Finnish guitar rock band
released single/video
‘Where Have You Gone?’

Composito and lyrics by Mika Laukkanen & Lauri Rantala

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pic by Esa Laukkanen

Finnish guitar rock band The Tølks have released a new single and music video ‘Where Have You Gone?’.
The band backgrounds:
“Rarely, if ever, has any song condensed into the dark droplets of despair when you have done everything you can, and yet that own loved one, your loved one, has disappeared beyond the reach of help, behind the smokescreen of addiction, into the darkness that cuts off any possibility of contact. The song describes how you walk alone in this destiny of yours when you wonder if there were any options that you could have helped with. However, the most devastating thing about this is to find that answer and the emptiness of being that you couldn’t really have done anything. Everyone has their own path to follow until the west meets the east, until the east meets the west. ‘Where have You Gone?’ depicts all this with the rhythm of the familiar Tølks cadence from behind the rock gauze and accompanied by a chorus that invites you to sing together, without self-pity, just sadness glued to the shadow of the wanderer.”

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