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polish symphonic metal
band just released deput-album

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On October the 2nd 2021 Polish symphonic/power/prog metal band Imaginature released international their long-awaited debut full-length album ‘Imaginature’.
Recently the band released their third Single ‘Atonement’.
The music of IMAGINATURE contains heavy guitar riffs and bombastic drum section, with keyboards, whistle & pipes in the style of symphonic/power/prog metal.
The name IMAGINATURE comes from mixing the words ‘imagination’ and ‘nature’, which reffer to composing style of the band.
Despite of the keyboardist, the rest of its members has no musical education, but creativeness and imagination are something more desireable for them.
Coming up with such band name they combined two opposite things, yet each of them bares great power.
The band worked with guest appearances of musicians from such renowned bands as Sunrise, Pathfinder, Thermit, Moyra.

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