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German progessive rockers
have ‘rereleased’ album
‘Seasons 25’

The Jewel City
Footprints in the Sand
In All Ways And Always
Follow the Empress
Seasons Acoustic Version
Antigone’s Lament and Triumph
Let It Be Gone
Interior Monologue
Evening Solace
Supersonic Man
Never Again
The Jewel City…Reprise

pic by rainer leigraf

Michael Dorp – vocals
Michael Rick – guitar
Rüdiger Blömer – keyboards and violin
Roger Weitz – bass
Ande Roderigo – drums

‘Seasons’ is an old album.
With their 1997 debut, the German band FLYING CIRCUS from Grevenbroich (somewhere between Düsseldorf and Cologne) immediately became an insider tip for all lovers of classic rock music between hard rock and progressive rock.
Enthusiastic reviews flooded in from all corners of the world, and that hasn’t changed with the seven additional releases that the band now has under their belt;
both the excellent reviews and the status of FLYING CIRCUS as an insider tip – until last year, when the band’s ‘best of’ album suddenly found itself at number 14 in the German album charts for metal and rock and stayed in the hit list for a whopping 10 weeks.
Since then, the band has received significantly more media attention, and so Michael Dorp/vocals, Michael Rick/guitar, Rüdiger Blömer/keyboards and violin, Roger Weitz/bass and Ande Roderigo/drums decided to rewind the band’s history for all newcomers to the band and to completely re-record the 12 original tracks contained on ‘Seasons’ for the album’s anniversary 25 years after its release.
And in this process, the band took all liberties:
Instead of just adapting the song arrangements to the current FLYING CIRCUS line-up and instrumentation, the five musicians treated the initial tracks as if they were new musical ideas that still had to be fully developed:
Some songs are now in a different key and/or have new parts added and others left out, most of the pieces were tightened up or even (in the case of the ballad ‘Follow the Empress’) saw the singer changed (drummer Ande Roderigo instead of main singer Michael Dorp).
The result of this exciting experiment presents the five musicians audibly matured and each individual as a virtuoso in his respective profession, while all the 12 pieces sound incredibly fresh – not only because of the powerful, contemporary production, but above all because of the band’s infectious joy of playing that makes one thing utterly clear:
‘Seasons 25’ is a NEW album.
The separately available, elegant digipack of the new recording alone demonstrates this in a more than impressive way.
In addition, a double CD pack adding in a remaster of the original recordings from 1997 as a bonus disc gives everyone the possibility of a direct comparison between yesterday and today.

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