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Finnish melodic death metal band
has released single/video

to watch the video-clip of ‘Kraken’, please click play…
pic by Teppo Ristola Photography

Ville Rutanen – vocals & bass
Taneli Jämsä – guitar & backing vocals
Teppo Ristola – drums

Ov Behest – EP (2021)
Descended From the Mountains (2023)

Anima Hereticae, drawing elements from Scandinavian death and black metal and incorporating orchestration to enhance both epicness and grandeur, will release their debut album ‘Descended From the Mountains’ on September 22nd.
The recently released second single, also made into a music video, is titled ‘Kraken’, representing the heaviest and darkest aspect of the album musically and atmospherically.
Guitarist Taneli Jämsä shares the background of the song:
“The melodies of the song were created in the rugged landscapes of Pyynikki, Tampere after a hard day’s work. The tranquility of the surroundings heightens the senses, and the mystique and enigma of nature enhance the musical inspiration. It is always important to listen to and respect nature.”
The music video for ‘Kraken’ was produced by drummer Teppo Ristola.

Finnish melodic death metal band
has released single
‘Cimmerian Darkness’

Cover artwork: Ville Rutanen

to watch the video-clip of ‘Cimmerian Darkness’, please click play…

pic by Teppo Ristola Photography

After the 2021 debut EP “Ov Behest” Finnish blackened melodic death metal band Anima Hereticae has been working on their first full length album to be released in autumn 2023.
The band’s unique sound is a combination of Scandinavian melodic metal, death metal with black metal elements.
The music goes in symbiosis with the visuals, both in live shows and on videos.
Now released music video ‘Cimmerian Darkness’ presents a view to the upcoming debut album’s beauty and epicness.
Ville Rutanen and Taneli Jämsä background the song:
“Even though pretty much anything we do has the sense of darkness and despair, this song has also a hint of hope in it. Creating new music is quite therapeutic and healing experience for us. And so was the writing of this song – a meditative and self-reflecting process. Some times as wondering this world we live in it feels like we are living in Cimmerian darkness on the edge of the world.”
The video-clip is directed by the Anima Hereticae drummer Teppo Ristola and as an actor there is Jussi Matilainen from Where’s My Bible.

Anima Hereticae is touring in Finland and Baltics this spring:
18.3. Maaliskuun Musta Messu @ Sammiosali, Lahti, Finland
6.4. Republika, Riga, Latvia
7.4. Narauti, Vilna, Liettua
8.4. Tapper Room, Tallinn, Estonia
9.4. Lepakkomies, Helsinki, Finland

Finnish melodic death metal band
has released
a music video short film

pic by Vin Valentino
to watch the video-clip of ‘Constellation Of Capricorn’, please click play…

Composer: Taneli Jämsä,
Lyricist: Ville Rutanen,
Arrangement: Anima Hereticae

Finnish melodic death metal band Anima Hereticae has released a 12 minute long music video short film from the song ‘Constellation Of Capricorn’.
The released video is shot for the final song of the debut EP and it is the band’s second video.
The band’s music is a mixture of melancholic and mystic death metal.
The Bands song themes are inspired by the northern nature and it’s mysthicisma and the new video explores this concept even further.
The band describes the process:
“We have had an idea of a video with an apocalyptic setup for quite a while. It was exciting to see how someone outside the band would see our vision. It was pretty clear from the very beginning that the producers Atte Santala & Jenna Wáthen would be able to interperent our band’s theme to the apocalyptic setting. It was a real acid test for our concept. It seems that our music and themes can be visualized beyond vikings, castles and mountains. To the future, that is.”

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