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Finnish Folk Metal band FOLKRIM
released single/video
‘Midsummer Mead’

Composed & lyrics by Erno Helander
Single cover by Erno Helander

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Finnish folk metal band Folkrim is set to release their second studio album ‘On Foaming Waves’ on October 21st 2022 via Inverse Records.
The third and last single ‘Midsummer Mead’ has been released.
The band comments:
“Juhannus is the most important celebration for a Finn, where the immortal midsummer sun shines throughout the entire birch, beer and lake -filled night. The finnish summer is beautiful but short, so it’s best to enjoy as much as you can while it lasts. Midsummer Mead is built upon these themes as an ode for living in the moment, while representing the heavier musical side of the album. To go with the song, we gathered old clips from behind the scenes of the band and crammed them together for a drunken party of a music video. The summer might be already over and the cold winter is knocking on the door, but midsummer will live eternal in the heart of a Finn. So let our horns of gold overflow!”

Finnish Folk Metal band FOLKRIM
will release new album
‘On Foaming Waves’

Track list:
Unhinged Alchemist
On Foaming Waves
Crack a Cold One
Towards the Sun
One More For the Road
Midsummer Mead
Brace Yourselves
Under the Black
Drunken Song
A Falling Tide

Finnish Folk Metal band Folkrim is set to release their second album “On Foaming Waves” on october 21st 2022 via Inverse Records.

Finnish folk metal band FOLKRIM
released a lyric video from their upcoming second album

Composed by Erno Helander
Lyrics by Erno Helander
Single cover by Erno Helander

Erno Helander – Vocals/orchestral production/ukulele/banjo/mandolin
Iiro Sarman – Electric guitars
Otto Hyvärinen – Acoustic guitars
Viktor Suominen – Bass guitar
Eetu Ritakorpi – Drums/backup vocals

pic by Jani Kaija

Finnish folk metal band Folkrim released the lyric video
‘Crack a Cold One’ from their upcoming second album.
Folkrim and Inverse Records made a record deal and their second studio album titled ‘On Foaming Waves’ is set to be released on October 21st 2022.
The band comments:
“Over a year has passed since our previous release. It’s been a year of hard work, but we’ve emerged with a freshly forged album full of frosty drinking songs. Following in the wake of the last album, we’ve mined more gold from the depths. Our first single from the coming release, ‘Crack A Cold One’, is keeping to the laid out path; telling a tale of joy and friendship. Let it echo through streets and pubs, heralding whats to come! ‘On Foaming Waves’, the upcoming, loosely pirate-themed album, will be a heavier union of metal and traditional music. The thing hits home like a cold beer on a summer day! We’ve joined forces with Inverse Records and look forward to see where cooperation leads us. But for now, let’s throw away our sorrows and crack a cold one !”
Folkrim is a five man band from Rauma, the grim western coast of Finland. To keep the long winters at bay, inspired by beer and nature, they wound up combining metal music with traditional instruments.
Originally a one-man project, Folkrim grew fast into a full band and they released ‘Tales of Tumult’ their self published album in the spring of 2021.
A year later they’ve joined forces with Inverse Records.

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