Swedish black/death/grunge metalband HÖST
released album
‘Nightmares And Goals’

Swedish black/death/grunge metalband HÖST has released album ‘Nightmares And Goals’.
The album is released exactly 20 years after Corporation 187 released the album ‘Perfection In Pain’ where both Filip Leo was the singer.
HÖST is created by Filip and started out as a one man projekt back in 1994.

Swedish black/death/grunge metalband
releases two more singles

the Swedish black/death/grunge metalband HÖST has released two more singles from the upcoming album “Nightmares and goals”.
this release includes the songs:
‘Ashes from a plague’
‘This is the end’
The entire album “Nightmares and goals” will be released on november 4th 2022 through their own label.
Drums by Nir Nakav, vocals by Filip Leo and Pehr Severin.
Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, Unisound.

“Concrete of Mankind”
(black/death/grunge metal)

Session members through the years:
Robert Eng – drums and vocals
Robert Eng – drums
Andreas Deblén – vocals
Pehr Severin – vocals
Mathias Kamijo – drum-programming
Pehr Severin – vocals
Nir Nakav – drums
Pehr Severin – vocals

HÖST started as a one-man project (melodic death/black metal) in 1994 by Filip Leo, previously in bands such as Corporation 187 (vocals), Satanic Slaughter (bass), Thornclad (guitar), Demons To Prefer (guitar), Daisy Chain (guitar), Spiteful (guitar).
The reason why HÖST was created was to make music without being forced to fit in or compromise.
HÖST released 3 demo cassettes in the years 1995, 1996 and 1997.
In the summer of 2020, Filip started writing music for HÖST and recording a new song “You Can’t Be My Messiah” (guitar, bass and drums).
Pehr Severin, (who was also the singer in Corporation 187 for their debut album Subliminal fear), was asked to record vocals for the new song and the result exceeded expectations.
The song also deserved a better drum sound and Mathias Kamijo programmed new drums for the song (and ended up programming drums for the entire debut EP).
More songs were created and resulted in the debut EP called “The Heart Of October”(Released on the own label Studio Jätteliten).
The vocals on the EP got a quite unexpected mix between the two voices of Filip and Pehr and might be described as a black/grunge/deathmetal sound.
In the late winter of 2020 Songwriting escalated and resulted in the full length album “The Upside Down” and was released on April 1, 2021.
This album sounded a bit more harsh and dark than the previous release.
The vocal part on this album was performed by both Pehr Severin and Filip Leo once again and HÖST recruited a real drummer this time, Nir Nakav (Salem, Tomorrow’s Rain, The Nir-Death Experiment).
The summer of 2021 Filip continuously wrote music and created 4 new songs with drums from Nir Nakav and vocals from Pehr Severin.
As the sound gets more and more cemented, the kind of unique mix between the voices of Filip and Pehr, and genres seems more and more naturally blended and a new EP is being released November 19th 2021. Recorded at Studio Jätteliten and mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound.
The new EP is named 1994 and the artwork is created by Filip Leo.

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