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‘Wobbly Wheel’

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Theo Nt has a voice that has been known to stop people in the streets and hold them there for hours.
While a versatile musician in many respects, who composes, mixes, and masters all of his own material, it is the range and colour of his voice which has heralded him the mixed Greek Chris Cornell/Jeff Buckley and makes him a natural draw.
Professional trained in electric guitar, modern oriented vocals, popular music theory and production from the world-renowned Brett Manning and Jaime Vendera and the University of Glamorgan, whose client list includes Grammy Award Artists, Theo now regularly tours throughout Greece with his solo endeavor and has been featured in commercials, including the famous Vivechrom and SAE.
He mentors a select number of students per year in Athens.
He taught to keep his promises from an early age so he started to chase his compositional dream releasing his first couple of songs in 2012 with ‘Dead Poets Society’ while with this project a single has been released the following year receiving exceptional reviews.
Theo Nt feels emotional about Christmas so he released two Christmas songs with very successful feedback from professionals and his audience.
The breakthrough came in 2017 with the project ‘Hold And Release’ with which he released an album and a few singles.
Fast forward to 2021, almost 9 years later, he composed, produced and mixed around 40 songs in his home studio, tunes that have been in various playlists and getting airplay around the globe.
The latest tune with the title ‘Wobbly Wheel’ is tighter, punchier and more straightforward, a perfect example of today’s approach of the Grunge scene.
Heavy guitars, powerful rhythms, superb dynamics and of a piercing voice ringing in your head.

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