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Swiss heavy rock group
will release album
‘Rogue Asylum’

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After the first album “Down The Hatch” (2017) and several concerts, THE GROUND SHAKER broke free from the shackles of the pandemic’s lockdowns to produce their second opus of 13 tracks “Rogue Asylum”, offering a groovy and resonating rock, chiseled with raging riffs and bewitching harmonies.
A modern heavy rock sound to make the tectonic plates collide and give birth to the most majestic summits.
Channeling their inner rage and bringing grit and groove back to the rock scene, these four guys let their band name speak for them:
That’s it!
Chiseling their style, the band is revitalizing the genre, sticking to their roots, and playing with a fearless conviction that is lacking in many of today’s bands.
The combo is led by Giro Reign (guitar, vocals) and Dav Elgin (guitar):
Giro mixes his raspy voice and sharp riffs with bluesy solos, creating a heavy and yet tasteful music.
THE GROUND SHAKER definitely bears the US footprint, that singer/guitarist Giro Reign has acquired in California, and embellishes it with harmonies and effective rhythms conferred by Dav Elgin’s guitar.
Vortex Ram’s distorted bass complements the perfect chemistry of the band by supporting Bat Ducora’s strike and present drums, thus making the rhythm section a locomotive of these hairy compositions.

Based on their first album “Down The Hatch” Giro and Dav wanted to produce a second opus that stands out, with a production of exceptional quality, where both musician can affix their seal, their musical signature.
With Giro’s astonishing talent of composition and Dav’s signature arrangements to embellish the songs, the demos show a great potential.
To push the songs further, they conjured three world class references:
the famous Ted Jensen for mastering, Johann Meyer for mixing and the producer Marc Le Goff (Shake Shake Go).
This collaboration produces “Rogue Asylum”, an album of exceptional quality.
Listening to it, there are not only tunes, but hits of thunder!
The band started promoting the album from autumn 2022 with three single and video releases and the latest fourth single “88 Strong As A Lion” in 2023 and will continue with new singles/videos until the album release on the 19th of may, 2023, and upcoming live shows to be announced soon.

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