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out: September 8th, 2023
Artwork by Nick Katona

Terry Newman – vocals
Chriz Jaarsveld – guitar
Rob Oerlemans – guitar
Don Schiff – ns stick bass
Leo Van De Fluit – hammond organ

to watch the video-clip ‘Walk Me Through The Fire’, please click play…

Composed by T. Winfield, L. Matthew, D. Schiff
Recorded at Bullet Sound Studios by Han Nuijten
Mastered at Bullet Sound Studios
Produced by Terry Newman, Maurizio Vercon, Han Nuijten, and Don Schiff

Terry Newman – vocals
Don Schiff – chapman stick bass
Maurizio Vercon – guitar
Leo Van De Fluit – keys
Mike Terrana – drums

Terry Newman Project’s new single is called ‘Walk Me Through The Fire’ and it is about the love relationship commitment.
Do you react and call it quits at the first signs of conflict or do you commit to a love that weathers all storms, making the bond stronger than ever over time?

to watch the video-clip ‘Cherish The Sun’, please click play…

Produced and arranged by David Hersee.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Han Nujte at Bullet Sound Studios.
Lyrics and music by David Hersee.

Terry Newman – vocals
Don Schiff – chapman stick bass
Leo Van De Fluit – hammond organ
David Hersee – guitars, programming
Brayden Cone – drums

Latest Terry Newman Project’s single is called ‘Cherish The Sun’ (radio edit) and it is about overcoming everyday problems.
Because life throws and challenges us with by cherishing the natural beauty of the planet, and things we have and take for granted.
Lead singer and frontman Terry is no stranger to the studio and live performance.
Reinier de Greef, started in 1987 his career.
Reinier as he worked all years as tape artist in well known cafés, podia, parties, and festivals circuit also national as international.
His repertoire has songs with melodious character.
Easy listening to full swing entertainment, even hits from that time.
In 1990 he wrote the song ‘Aomancin Around The World’, it was on television and radio, the song became some titles but the hit success never came.
Reinier did work with the producer/engineer John Sonneveld (Anouk, Golden Earring, Vengeance, Sleeze Beez etc.) in the Wisseloord Studio in Hilversum Holland.
In 2005 Reinier went to Benidorm to perform everyday in Hotels on Boat’s Pub’s bar’s restaurant’s.
From 2017 first time performing in the UK.
Among the members of the line-up, the bass is played by Don Schiff who has worked, wrote songs or recorded with Elvis Presley, Tina Turner, Sheryl Crow, Shirley MacLaine, Pat Benatar, and many others.

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