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deput album ‘The Book Of Chaos’
will be releazed on
17th of September 2021

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TALES OF THE OLD is a Symphonic Dark Ambient Power Metal band from Athens, Greece.
The band was founded in 2010 by keyboard player Mike Tzanakis, who is also the main composer and arranger of their music.
In 2012 they released their first Ep ‘The Passageway From Hell To Earth’.
After eight hard struggling years of unspeakable difficulties Mike decided to reform the whole band and give birth to his dream…
New members, new reality, a total new vision…
The band entered immediately the studio to make up the lost ground….so the band’s first album ‘The Book Of Chaos’ was reality.
A project which created and marked piece by piece by pure toil and unending sacrifices.
A project which would never take flesh and bones without the contribution and the hard work of the only possible Co-Producer for Tales Of The Old, the mastermind of Power Metal in Greece, Bob Katsionis.

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