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Athenian rocker
has released album

Cover photo Peter Papapetrou,
graphic desiner Yiannis Papaioannou
to watch the video-clip ‘Love’, please click play…

Written and produced by Stelios Ventas except from ‘Love’ written by Yiannis Goudoulas
Sotiris Pirounias: bass guitar
Yiannis Goudoulas: lead vocals
at ‘Love’ and backing vocals at ‘Promiseland and Confess’
Stelios Ventas: guitars, vocals, drums programming
Ventas Family: vocals at ‘Viva La Revolution’

Athenian rocker Stelios Ventas on his third album, entitled ‘Badass’, travels us with his music through all the decades of Rock Music, from the London music scenes and the alcohol smell of Irish bars to the gunpowder-smoked American South.
Through the legendary Route 66 he reaches California and returns back to his base with a stop in Thrace, Greece.
Ten rock stories about human relationships, dead ends, self-awareness and redemption.
Album’s promo single is the song ‘Love’ feat. Yiannis Goudoulas (ex. Jessica’s Theme Band).

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