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The Wolf In Me
Last Player
Pizza Homicide (feat. Nico Sallach)
Kill It
Have a G.O.O.D. Day! (feat. Emmy Mack)
Falling Down
Alpha (feat. Mrs. Nina Chatier)
Freakshow (feat. Maria Lessing)
Welcome To the Fightclub (feat. Fabio Schäfer)
You’re Hellcome (feat. Alma Alizadeh)

to watch the video-clip ‘Have A Nice Day’, please click play…
to watch the video-clip ‘The Wolf In Me’, please click play…
pic by Robert Nowell

Samurai Pizza Cats are:
Sebastian Fischer – vocals
Daniel Haniß – guitar
Stefan Reufer – bass
Stefan Buchwald – drums

to watch the video-clip ‘Pizza Homocide’, please click play…

When the cats become wolves:
Samurai Pizza Cats are back with their new song ‘The Wolf In Me’ and tell a story about a werewolf who messes with vampires.
And it’s still a better love story than ‘Twilight’.
The new single is released via Easthaven Records, just like the previous tracks ‘Outcast’ and ‘Pizza Homicide’ (feat. Nico Sallach from Electric Callboy), and comes along as brute as usual.
Dynamic tempo changes, shouts, and clean vocals make ‘The Wolf In Me’ a perfect hit for mosh pits at live shows.
This can be proved at the upcoming tour with Annisokay, which is scheduled for October this year.
Samurai Pizza Cats will support the first part of the tour.
The debut album ‘You’re Hellcome’ has just been announced by the band to be released on September 22 via Easthaven Records.
Samurai Pizza Cats are named after a Japanese anime series from the early nineties.
Silly question!
Of course, because they are fearless warriors on their instruments, love to eat pizza, and like cats.

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