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Album Artwork by: Brendan McAllister
to watch the video-clip ‘Spies Are Listening – Guitar Playthrough’, please click play…

Album Band Lineup:
Sam Mooradian – guitar, bass, programmed drums, synths, vocals
Michael Alvarez/Flub – vocals on track 2 – Suspicious Gait
Richard Blumenthal/Blumen, Aviations – piano on track 3 – Titrate Down
Isaac Stolzer-Gary/The World Is Quiet Here – second guitar solo in track 5 – Tinnitus
Kyle Schaefer/Archaeologist, Fallujah – vocals on track 6 – Assassin Mad
Live Band Lineup:
Sam Mooradian – guitar
Lucas Koughan – bass
Dylan Hughes – drums

to watch the video-clip ‘Titrate Down – Guitar & Piano Playthrough’, please click play…

2023 – Bad Brain – LP
2023 – Spies Are Listening – Single
2023 – Titrate Down – Single
2023 – Suspicious Gait – Single
2022 – Snow – Single
2022 – Tinnitus – Single
2018 – Depression For Breakfast – EP

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The Circle Pit:
“A brand new guitar playthrough has just been launched in support of ‘Kaleidonoscope’! It shows off the deceptively simple and effective nature wrapped into Sam’s darkened songwriting. Let your eyes consume Sam’s work through the video provided just below. This turns out to be yet another brilliant world premiere from the very promising Sam Mooradian! Stay tuned for more…”
“In a feat of guitar wizardry, our friend and highly talented guitarist Sam Mooradian took on the wickedness that is Necrophagist’s ‘Epitaph’ will a FULL ALBUM COVER”

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