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will release on the
10th of december 2021
their new album ‘Afterglow’

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The big quake is over, but the earth is still shaking.
On their new record ‘Afterglow’, the upcoming metalcore 5-piece Rising Insane deal with life after a traumatic experience and the realization that not everything is always already over when one lulls oneself into a sense of security.
The third album of the Bremen-based band reflects more profoundly than ever on various processes of dealing with psychological problems and creates a colossus of acoustic rage, despair, but also the necessary spark of hope on this basis.
‘Afterglow’ thereby sounds as bloodcurdlingly brute as Architects and at the same time as inimitably engaging as Annisokay – a tightrope walk that ensures that the band’s important messages will find their way.
Rising Insane is not just the name but also what happened literally to these 5 guys from northern Germany over the last few years.
After their self-released debut album ‘Nation’ in 2017 the band gained attention quickly in the German metal scene on shows with f.e. Stray From The Path and For Today and as support for Annisokay on their 2018 headline run.
In 2019 they played at the Impericon Festival and got signed by Long Branch Records.
This led to the first label release ‘Porcelain’ in November 2019, which received outstanding reviews all around the world and accelerated the band into the international focus.
In the aftermath of the album release the band kept being busy and recorded a well-received cover version of ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd.
This cover got the band even more worldwide attention and spread the name even wider.
Due to the pandemic the first headline run had to be cancelled in 2020 and the band decided to stay active and recorded a EP named ‘Recovered’ with even more cover versions of songs from the last 35 years, including ‘Blinding Lights’.
Now Rising Insane is back with new music and ready to elevate into even higher spheres.
They stay true to their Post-Hardcore and Metalcore roots but have clearly grown as a band and as individual musicians.
The sound is more mature and the songs will not leave any questions open if these guys can stay true to their name and keep rising insane.
“The title track ‘Afterglow’ is the lyrical centerpiece of the album of the same name. It goes straight to the pain stimulus of post-traumatic stress without detours and expresses the pain and suffering, but also the despair of having to carry the past on your shoulders for a lifetime. ‘All I know, wherever I will go – I will keep falling for the Afterglow'”
‘Meant to live’:
“‘Meant To Live’ is a kind of ode to ourselves, in which we praise ourselves for all that we have achieved, and all that we have overcome. These thoughts are then meant to remind us – when we face setbacks, when we see ourselves or others down – that we are strong enough to overcome these hurdles. ‘But we fight ’cause we’re meant to live'”
“‘War’ reveals from my memory the thoughts and feelings in the midst of a depressive episode in a highly self-reflective way. Looking back at what was going on inside me, I’m all the happier about how my life looks now. ‘It’s like a parasite living here inside my mind'”
‘Flightless Bird’:
“‘Flightless Bird’ is for me the most tearing song on ‘Afterglow’. The term ‘Flightless Bird’ here stands for both the penguin, the mascot of my sisters and me, and the bird with broken wings that will never fly again. It’s extremely hard for me to really feel joy for something, no matter how beautiful the moment actually is, because at the same moment I always have to think about the fact that I will never be able to share this moment with my sister. ‘I hear you calling out for me – Flightless Birds we’re meant to be'”
“You could almost think ‘Serenade’ is about a love affair – in principle, it is a relationship, too – only it’s the one with depression and anxiety disorders. No matter how hard you fight it or how well you get by during the day, when you go to sleep and your mind starts spinning, you end up losing yourself again. ‘But at night you’ll be right here and I sing you a serenade'”
“‘Oxygen’ is intended to illustrate the power with which mental disorders can dominate us as human beings. Mental illnesses change our personality, take away our quality of life – in short, the oxygen we need. ‘What I am, is what you have made of me'”
“When everything is upside down and our world lies fallow, we can still always find new support in music. ‘Breakout’ is about exactly that, at the same time it’s a big Thank You to the core scene, where we feel at home, where it’s about togetherness and everyone is welcome. ‘I feel like my mind is gone, still I know where my heart belongs'”
‘The Surface’:
“‘The Surface’ is about the perpetual struggle with oneself and the pursuit of happiness – the interplay between positive development and the relapse into depressive moods, which keeps us from breaking through the surface. The absolute symbol of this can be found on the artwork to the album. ‘Locked chains in a cave of despair'”
‘Something inside of me’:
“‘Something inside of me’ is an announcement to all people who trivialize mental illness and give sufferers the feeling of rejection. The song is meant to slap them in the face with the suffering that mental illness causes and to make them rethink. ‘On the inside you’re dead, on the outside just breathing'”
‘Broken Homes’:
“‘Broken Homes’ takes up the subject of domestic violence, highlighting the psychological consequences that have a post-traumatic effect on those affected. The song is meant to convey strength and make clear that no one is alone. ‘It’s difficult but don’t lose hope, remember you are not alone'”
‘Bend and Break’:
“‘Bend and Break’ is about relapsing into a depressed mood and realizing that trauma will never leave you alone. What just becomes clear in the song is the help from friends that sufferers rely on so much when depression takes over. ‘Tell me something that I don’t know, tell me something to heal my soul'”
“‘Imprisoned’ is the last song of the album, the outstretched hand that helps you up. In the song is the statement that Rising Insane will always be there through the music in difficult hours and you fight together against the storm. ‘Hands up to the sky, wave your past goodbye – I’ll be there if you need me'”

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