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German avant-garde
heavy/thrash metal group
will release album

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Living the FIRE are:
Clemens – vocals
Sebastian – guitars
Phil – drums
Martin – bass

Living the FIRE is a Dresden-based heavy metal band that has been enthusiastically mixing various styles of heavy metal since 2012.
With their classic four-piece lineup, their music seems so familiar at first that you can’t help but cross your arms, shake your hair, or nod along to the rhythm.
And yet, their songwriting continues to surprise you with its no-holdsbarred blending of their diverse influences.
From catchy riffs and melodic solos with power metal style vocals, to blast beats with and harsh thrashing with deep screaming, to tender, lyrical ballad sounds, the four musicians fluidly combine their diverse influences.
After the forced worldwide break, the guys report back with their new, 100% DIY and concept album ‘NEWMAN’.
They stay true to their influences of Heavy Metal, from the 70’s to the early 2000’s, which they virtuously demonstrated on their last album ‘THE NEW ONE’, but without renouncing the inspiration of Heavy Metal of the last 20 years.
Their new music is darker and heavier – but also on ‘NEWMAN” the listener should expect a musical wink.

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