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Finnish death/thrash band
has released single/video
‘Versions Of Reality’

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Composed by Sami Lehtonen
Lyrics by Tuomo Vänskä

pic by Pauli Maronen

Khiral arre:
Tuomo Vänskä – vocals
Sami Lehtonen – guitar
Joni Öhman – bass
Teemu Hassi – drums

Death/thrash metal band Khiral from Helsinki, Finland releases their new single ‘Versions Of Reality’ after a few years of silence.
They released their second full-length album ‘Shards’ on August 6, 2021.
On that album the band took huge leaps forward in terms of composition, melodies and even lyrics compared to their debut album ‘Chained’.
Despite the quiet life the band has not rested on its laurels.
They have been working on new music and the lineup has found its shape for live shows.
Tuomo Vänskä, vocalist:
“The band is doing currently quite well. We have been concentrated on making new music and we plan to release more new stuff this autumn. It’s been a few years since the last album, so it’s about time. The line-up is now in its final form with the addition of our new drummer Teemu Hass!”
‘Versions Of Reality’ is completely recognizable Khiral-song.
Although the song’s arrangement and lyrics are more straightforward than before.
The new normal in world today is different versions of the truth that Tuomo Vänskä handle in his lyrics.
Sami Lehtonen, guitar:
“The intention was to go in a slightly different direction in terms of composition than our previous albums. Without forgetting the certain type of weight and melodiousness of Khiral, that is familiar from our previous albums. On the riffs, I aimed to a certain kind of majesty and grandiosity. But at the same time a certain kind of flow and hard pounding.”
Tuomo Vänskä, vocalist:
“‘Versions Of Reality’ is a story of a person who is in the middle of a change. It is told from the point of view of the individual and not from a general point of view. For this person the change is terrifying. It is actually worse than death. The change leads to different versions of reality. And each version is equally real to the person experiencing it.”
Khiral’s goal is to bring their music to a larger audience by playing concerts and releasing new material.
If Children of Bodom, Amorphis, The Halo Effect, and Hypocrisy crash, then Khiral will likely crash as well.

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