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Finnish stoner rock band
will release on the 20th of may
‘Songs Of Downfall & Deliverance’

Album cover by Tuomas Valtanen AKA The Dark Side Of Zen

Back On The Hooch (Album Version)
Take Out My Eyes
Drag Direction
Mark It Zero
Here Come The Grays
Savior Suit
Spittin´ Teeth
We See Better With The Lights Out
Shiny Bones

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Recorded by Mika Kilpi @ SojuzStudio
Mixed & Mastered by Hiili Hiilesmaa

Womack III ‘Songs Of Downfall & Deliverance’ is the latest offering from local heroes of small town called Forssa, in Finland.
Lovingly calling their hometown the deep south of gloomy north, this foursome embrace their smalltown boy roots and let their love of southern rock shine through their heavy metal influences.
As the album title suggests, this is the third full-lenght album from Womack, who, as a band have gone through a lot considering they were formed in 2010, and are quite young as an orchestra.
After their first album ‘Prehab’ they went through a line-up change as their original drummer chose to leave and Womack was left to reinvent themselves completely.
They did just that, and the result was a fully acoustic rock album ‘Strays’ which was a whole new kind of challenge for the band, as they wandered far away from their comfort zone in search of new ways to express themselves.
Out of that period they got behind the wheel of their distortion-driven side, backed with their new member, Jani Blomerus who has been instrumental in the development from an acoustic rock band to a heavier, groovier harder hitting riff machine.
The new album has been in the making for several years now:
The groundwork was laid in the later days of 2016, and the album has been slowly cooking ever since.
The band has truly given the process their all, and found a new level production-wise too, as the album was mixed and mastered by the legendary Hiili Hiilesmaa, who should need no introduction to anyone who has read their homework on finnish metal.
The band has released two singles, ‘Back On The Hooch’ of the forthcoming record, and another track, ‘Spittin´ Teeth’ a couple of weeks before the whole album will finally hit the virtual shelves of the streaming world.
Womack is proud and satisfied with the magnum opus thus far, but is also keeping tit’s collective sights aimed to the future:
The group-members kept themselves busy during the pandemic, writing new songs and rehearsing, so they would be among the first ones out the door when the world opens up again.
Womack is ready now.
Let´s hope the world is ready for them.

Finnish heavy rock band
has released single
‘Spittin´ Teeth’

Single cover by DPO Design
to watch the video-clip ‘Spittin’ Teeth’, please click play…
pic by Sami Vaittinen

Womack are:
Henrik Haarlo – vocals
Janne Hartikainen – lead guitar
Albert Myllykangas – bass
Jani Blomerus – drums

‘Spittin´ Teeth’ is the second single off the forthcoming third album ‘III – Songs Of Downfall & Deliverance’ of the finnish band Womack, who hail from a small town called Forssa, which the band themselves desribe as the deep south of gloomy north.
‘Spittin´ Teeth’ is among the heavier cuts from the album, and the lyrics paint a picture of the finnish way of life, which, according to the lyricist-singer Henrik Haarlo, bears striking resemblance to the Spartans in the cult classic movie 300.
The finns may not be as ripped, but they are mad, silent and simply unable to quit as long as they are able to draw breath.
If a finn is able to breath, they´re able to drink, and as long as they able to drink, they are just fine, should anyone ask.
No matter how hard they are hit, and no matter how hard they fall, they keep fighting toward their next failure, and fight on again.
That is simply poetic, and deserves yet another song written about.
Womack proudly endorses the finnish way of life, and refuses to quit as well, come whatever may.
So treat yourself to a round of Spitting Teeth, and sink your own teeth to the forthcoming album once it´s released through Inverse on the 20th of May, 2022.
Womack is a 4-man rock band, formed in 2010 in their hometown Forssa, Finland.
These men live and breathe to bring you their own brand of heavy rock mixing together the cornerstones of their own musical tastes:
70s rock and 90s metal fused together, that´s what they love and that´s what they play.
They released their first full-length album “Prehab” in 2014 and captured their bands spirit pretty well, at least the spirit that they had back then.
Heavy, groovy, rock n´roll brought to you in the exact form they deliver it live.
And trust them, when they say, they do deliver:
They love performing live and havethey been told, that they show it in their shows.
They explored their sound a bit deeper in 2016, when they released their second album ‘Strays’, which was made completely with acoustic guitars.
They stripped their songs to the bone and tried their hardest to stay true to their roots, but without the aid of huge distorted guitars.
You be the judge while listening to ‘Strays’, but they dare say, they did a fine job with that album too and grew a lot assongwriters in the process.
That improved songwriting has now been put to the test in the process of writing and recording theirr third album ‘Womack III – Songs Of Downfall And Deliverance’.
They started tracking this monster back in 2016 and have been perfecting it ever since, of course getting all kinds of unwanted help from our friend Covid-19.
The road to a completed album has been long and hard but that was basically, what they were aiming for:
slow and steady, no hurry, no rush.
But oh boy, they had no idea it would take this long.
But now they are kind of glad it did.
They are extremely proud of the direction they have taken with the songs on album number three and can´t wait to bring you their new baby.
It´s filled with songs they love and did their best to have a perfect result.
It´s everything they grew up with, brought to this day and adding their own personal touch.
Love it or leave it, it´s what they do.

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