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British metal/punk band
will release second album
‘Silly Heart’

Silly Heart
Odious Clump
Whizz Pop
Gutter Snipe
Major Fomo
Absolution ft. Skinny Pete
Static The Dog
This Psychopath Needs A Hug
Memory Hole

David Anderson – guitar/vocals
Paul Hopgood – drums
Ailsa Stockwell – saxophone
T Money – keyboards
Noel Greenaway– bass
Spoonie – guitar/melodica

Catch them live:
26th NovemberGive A Gift – An Alternative Christmas – The Hobbit – Southampton

Genre-bending UK band ACiD CLAW return this month with their much anticipated second album ‘Silly Heart’.
Following on from their debut release ‘Horror Comic’ this brand new album starts the next chapter for the sextet.
vocalist David:
“Our debut album “Horror Comic” was created because of a trauma, it was a therapeutic journey for me and ultimately for the rest of the band. It was organised chaos that worked and sparked something new and exciting musically. ‘Silly Heart’ was born by exploring life. The mantra we had adopted with ‘Horror Comic’ that ‘anything goes’ really took shape when writing ‘Silly Heart’. I wanted to push the genre blending as much as possible, to really think outside the box but also keep it interesting and in our style.”
The album saw the band return to The Old Cider Press Studios in Pershore but this time with the addition of new ideas and instruments to take the album to the next level musically.
The band also recruited their good friend Skinny Pete to feature on ‘Absolution’ as a vocalist.
“Ultimately we wanted to make a unique album, who else can say they have a hip hop track followed by death metal one?”
It’s this marriage of genres and the inability to pigeonhole the band by their genre that makes ACiD CLAW one of the most exciting bands that the UK has to offer.
Focus track ‘Cabbage’, the opener of the album, is a bonkers mashup of sounds and the perfect start to this incredible new release.
“It’s about checking in on your friend who isn’t doing so well, it’s about being a good role model. It’s about overcoming adversity. But really, it’s all about saving the day from invading aliens from Mars isn’t it? a modern-day B movie extravaganza!”
ACiD CLAW are now firmly established with the release of their second album ‘Silly Heart’ this month.
Each track on this new album albeit different sounding, all have one thing in common and that’s life, positivity, treating everyone with respect, equality and to always be yourself.
A particular favourite lyric is from the title track ‘Silly Heart’:
“Where’s your heart to be heard, where’s your strength to be strange?”
“We really hope people dig this album, it was a pleasure to create, and we hope anyone listening can take something away from it.”
They are unleashing their creation, performing live throughout the UK and quickly gaining notoriety.
ACiD CLAW are set to twist some melons and take the scene by storm.

British metal/punk band
will release single

to watch the video-clip of ‘Sleepwalker’, please click play…

Adam Woodford – vocals
Fabian Lomas – guitar
Gav Thane – bass
Noah See – drums

pic by tom green

‘Sleepwalker’ is a riotous track full of energy.
The track is a fitting tribute to a man, who was a huge influence on the band.
Singer and Guitarist David explains:
“As a huge fan of the band Power Trip, upon hearing the tragic news that the singer Riley Gale had passed away I picked up my guitar and wanted to write something fast, energetic and entertaining. I wrote the chorus first then the rest fell into place as I was inspired by Rileys onstage enthusiasm and to losing an amazing frontman.”
Formed in 2020, ACiD CLAW began writing music that didn’t stick to conventional ideology.
Their musical approach is a combination of their tenacious lust for ‘out of the box’ thinking alongside a mantra of ‘anything goes’.
With roots in metal and punk, ACiD CLAW soon found they had created their own special kind of monster; a combination of genres, a unique approach and an ambitious zeal which, when all added to the melting pot, culminated in their debut release ‘Horror Comic’.
ACiD CLAW birthed ‘Horror Comic’ over the Summer of 2021.
Recorded at the acclaimed Old Cider Press Studio under the expert gaze of Dave Draper, their debut album has had a rapturous reception amongst their musical peers and crowds alike.
This album meant something – it means everything, in fact.
‘Horror Comic’ is an expression of the amalgamation of a year of disruption, a lifetime of inspiration and, most poignantly, it is a personal requiem for singer and guitarist David Anderson’s late grandfather, who was his greatest supporter in life and music.
ACiD CLAW are now firmly established.
They are unleashing theircreation, performing live throughout the UK and quickly gaining notoriety.
ACiD CLAW are set to twist some melons and take the alternative scene by storm.

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