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Finnish psychedelic rock act
has released single
‘Beyond the Realization’

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Composer: Lauri Loikkanen
Lyrics: Lauri Loikkanen
Producer: Lauri Loikkanen

pic by Miikka Laitila

Finnish psychedelic rock act Astral Bazaar has released a new single entitled ‘Beyond the Realization’.
Helsinki based Astral Bazaar’s new song dives deep deep into one’s mind with its smoothly floating melodies, mellow groove, and rich harmonies.
The song’s introspective lyrics pull the listener into a mystically self-aware mindset.
In this respect the song continues both the theme and story of the band’s previous album ‘A Sudden Realization’, released in 2021.
Band comments the making of their new single:
“Our original intention was to include this song on the album ‘A Sudden Realization’ that was released last year. In fact some of the song’s musical elements were there already before we started making any other material for the album. However, in the end we decided that the song would perhaps work better on its own, and the listeners could then reflect the lyrics of the song on the story of the album.”

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