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a German/Greek
progressive power metal band

Tale of a Legend
Fallen Angel
I don´t care
Angel Station
Only god forgives
I am this one
Prayer for the fallen
The inner Circle feat. Simone Mularoni
Society of Shadows
A human so strange

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We Are Legend are:
Selin Schönbeck – vocals, piano
Dirk “Dee” Baur – guitars, harmony vocals
Jimmy Konsta – guitars
Alex Endress – bass, harmony vocals
Boris Kellenbenz – drums
Guests musicians on ‘Fallen Angel’:
Fabio Alessandrini – drums
Eleonora – vocals
Simone Mularoni – solo on “The Inner Circle”
Lysh – prayer
Lara – soprano and whispers
Martin – choir backings

Winner of german Rock and Pop Award 2012
first Place: Best Metal Band 2012
first Place: Best Metal Song 2012
first Place: Best Metal Singer 2012
first Place: Best Hard Rock Song 2012

We are Legend, a European formation with musicians from Germany and Greece, is dedicated to modern Prog Power Metal.
With their new album ‘Fallen Angel’ they open the next chapter in the band’s history.
In 2010 former musicians from STORMWITCH, ABRAXAS and CORONATUS got together for some jam sessions and the idea of a new band was born.
All that was missing was an extraordinary voice, which could quickly be found in Selin Schönbeck, an outstanding talent with excellent musical flair.
WE ARE LEGEND was born!
The 4-track EP ‘We Are Legend’ was released in January 2012 within a very short time.
In mid-2012 they won in four categories at the German Rock and Pop Awards, making them the most successful metal band of the year.
Due to the great reactions to the demo, they were able to get a record deal and so the album ‘Rise Of The Legend’ was released in 2013.
Despite good reviews, the band broke up in 2016.
Nevertheless, mastermind Dirk Baur and singer Selin continued to work on new songs.
In 2021 the cooperation became more intense again and so it was decided to record these songs for another WE ARE LEGEND album.
The line-up was supplemented with musicians from Italy and Greece, who give the sound an intense spice and depth and their very own progressive power metal, with powerful drums and driving guitars, carried by sophisticated vocals and choirs and the use of neoclassical piano lines matured.
‘Fallen Angel’ also shines with an outstanding production and a modern, powerful mix, for which sound mastermind Simone Mularoni (DGM) is responsible.
In spring 2022 the worldwide contract with METALAPOLIS RECORDS was signed.

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