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Greek progressive metal duo
has released single/video
‘I Walk Alone’

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‘Ethical Dilemma’ is the result of a collaboration between Terra 1nc0gnita’s vocalist, Billy Vass, and multi-musician/producer, Bob Katsionis.
The idea that started as a solo album for Vass, concluded to a progressive metal album, that could not go without the established name of Katsionis on the project, as a whole.
With this in mind, the 2 collaborators joined their love for progressive metal music, each with his distinctive angle on songwriting, and the result is an 8 song journey, into the depths of time-changing signatures, complex guitars, and keyboards, and the unique 4-octave range of Billy Vass.
The album has been released by Symmetric Records
In this album is included the single ‘I Walk Alone’.

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