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Greek metal band
announce live show
at AN-club (athens,greece)

After releasing their debut album ‘Stand Up’ via Iason Music, PRIMAL ROOTS announce a live show on the 27th of october 2022 at the athenean cult live-club AN (solomou 13, athens, greece).
Together with PRIMAL ROOTS will hit the stage the group contest winner of the greek metal hammer MAGENDA and the band LOUDIVINE.
The doors will open at 8 pm and the damage will be 8 euros.
Ticket pre-sells have started and you can get them at OLD SCHOOL (solomou 13-15, athens, greece).

Greek Progressive Doom/Heavy act
has released their album
‘Stand Up’

to watch the video-clip ‘Stand Up’, please click play…

Primal Roots are:
Rachel Cassar(UK) – vocals
Thomas Toivonen(SWE) – lead guitar
Alejandro Lobato(ESP) – 2nd guitar
Amira Debaieb(TUN) – bass
Menelaos Laskaridis(GR) – drums

Primal Roots are a metal band based in Athens, Greece.
Formed in 2019 they began creating music in a classic heavy metal style with hints of progressive, thrash, doom and nu, calling their unique style ‘metal outside the box’.
Their demo single, ‘Black’ was released in September ’20.
The band’s debut album, ‘Stand Up’ has been released on 15th of July via Iason Productions.
They met via a mutual passion for music, skulls and unicorns, started writing songs and the band was born.
Their style reflects different genres of metal which have merged into their own unique style and sound.
Primal Roots is more than just music, it’s an idea.
It’s the belief that music can change…..
Change moods and minds, break the mould, set wheels in motion;
music can inspire, motivate and teach, travel far and wide, stop you in your tracks or set you in motion.
It’s not just about cool riffs and catchy lyrics, (although that’s awesome and they love it too!) it’s a unification, a party, even an uprising.
Primal Roots in their own words:
“We ourselves have all come from different parts of our world. We had very different beginnings but our musical path, perhaps even fate and a belief in all things mythical brought us together. We love the Earth, our environment, animals and things that grow. We believe in humanity, the strength of positive energy and unicorns. We aren’t going to stand on stage and preach, that’s somewhere in our music. We’re out to rock, play awesome music, party and have a damn good time!”
Primal Roots
music, madness and unicorns…

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