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Greek progressive metal band
has released album
‘The Voyager’

Stream of Souls

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Ocean’s Edge is an Athens (Greece)-based progressive metal band which was born when bassist and main songwriter Manos Sideris, guitarist John Aktypis and keyboardist Panos Haritidis met through an online ad in 2017.
Their influences include but are not limited to Symphony X, Dream Theater, Haken, Ayreon and Need.
The recruitment of Xristos Palamidas (drums) laid the initial foundation of the band.
Afterwards, through various changes the lineup was finalized with the additions of Manos Xanthakis (vocals) and Constantinos Mavroyiannis (guitar) in replacement of founding member John Aktypis who also appears with a guest solo in ‘Sacrifice’ and has also provided the lyrics for ‘Atlas’.
Ex members include William Joestar and Leonidas Chatzimichalis both in vocals.
Their music is a mix of heavy metal with progressive elements and clean vocals.
Lush harmonies combine with intricate rhythmic patterns and multiple changes through the course of their songs, aiming to create emotions of taking listeners through a journey.
Their lyrical content revolves around internal quest, philosophical/existential patterns and social themes.
At the same time, the band draws inspiration from current and past sci-fi media and pop culture including books, movies, etc.
Ocean’s Edge spent the better part of 2022 in the studio for the recording of their first album ‘The Voyager’, while its first single entitled ‘Supernatural’ was to be released in December 2022, in digital form through Distrokid and Bandcamp.
Design of the band’s logo and artwork of the album was done by Herc.
Mixing and mastering of the album has been done by Odysseas Kalogeropoulos.
‘The Voyager’ has been released in May 2023 in digital format and later it will be also released in physical form.
Soon after that, the band intents on hitting the stage in support of their maiden album.

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