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Canadian metal artist
will release debut album

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‘Terran’ is the debut album by Canadian metal artist MORGAN REID.
Morgan is a guitarist, composer and producer known for his fierce technical shredding, slamming modern riffs and his expressive, melodic lead lines.
That being said, ‘Terran’ is much more than a simple combination of these elements.
It is the summary of the diverse life experiences and interests that have led Morgan to becoming the all-round artist he is today.
Alongside his work as a musician, including touring the world with his UK-based band Bloodshot Dawn – Morgan has established himself as a professional dancer and choreographer around Europe, after leaving Canada at the age of 18.
He and his wife founded their dance company ‘Phase-Zero Productions’ in Leipzig, Germany where they have been creating full evening pieces since 2014.
Morgan has always been interested in what moves people and aims to find a balance between groovy, catchy and truly epic elements in his music.
Using literary terminology, we could say that MORGAN REID‘s music is an èpos of sound – a musical narration of heroic endeavors.
This music demands your attention and will have you windmilling in short order.
The twelve tracks of ‘Terran’ take us on a journey to an alternate version of earth, where we look deeper at what plagues humanity.
Each track has a theme, a story if you will.
‘A Formless Icon’ explores how legends are made, how do they take form?
The struggle for glory in modern day society.
The hypocrisy on the road to peace.
The indifference and selfish nature of those in power.
“The cyclical passage of time reveals our inner being…but we can’t give in to what is programmed inside.”
‘Terran’ is set to be released on November 25/2023, and it will be available as a jewel case and on main streaming and digital download platforms.
The artist has been supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal German Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.
Morgan was born in Toronto, Canada on July 12, 1989.
Having started Karate at the age of 4, Morgan has never shied away from a good fight.
He was climbing to the top of multiple guitar competitions throughout the 2010’s.
He made it to the top 5 of Per Nilsson’s Guitar Messenger Contest in 2013, with none other than Plini.
After about 6 years of playing, he garnered praise for his progressive metal composition ‘Almost Infamous’ at Guitar Idol 4, in London (2014) – it also happens to be his first live performance (along with notable guitarists Andre Nieri, Jack Gardener, Luca Montovanelli, Yiannis Papadopoulos).
He soon followed up with his instrumental technical death metal composition ‘Trust Was A Knife’.
Especially written for the JTC solo competition in 2015, it brought him all the way to the top 10.
He soon bridged the gap from Youtube videos, competitions and bedroom guitarist status – to the big stage.
Joining Bloodshot Dawn in the summer of 2015, the UK based, melodic/technical death metal outfit had big shoes to fill as lead guitarist Benjamin Ellis departed to Scar Symmetry.
His first ever gig with the band was a sweaty one, the aptly named – Incineration Fest in London… which preceded Morgan’s first tour of Japan with the band.
Things were moving fast for Bloodshot Dawn with the release of ‘Reanimation’ in 2018.
The album, written by Morgan Reid and Josh McMorran, took the band around the globe.
Jumping on tours with the likes of Decapitated, Virvum, Fleshgod Apocalyse and Taake as well as paving the way for some hefty headline tours in Canada, Japan, and across Europe.
The band have also had some massive festival appearances in recent years, such as:
Hellfest, Bloodstock, Hammerfest, and Metaldays.
Beside music, Morgan is also a professional dancer and choreographer.
Having moved to Europe at the age of 18 to enroll in a prestigious dance program, he has been chasing dreams of being an artist, and making them a reality.
Since 2007 he has worked for multiple dance companies internationally before finally settling down in Leipzig, Germany in 2014.
Moving to his wife’s hometown and a great place for the pair to establish their own dance company ‘Phase-Zero Productions’.
They continue to produce and perform full evening dance pieces today with over 10 productions under their belt.
The approximately hour-long works are often accompanied by live music but always by pre-composed/produced music written by Morgan.
This work has been integral to his development as a composer and songwriter.
Morgan is deeply interested in what moves people and aims to find a balance between groove and epic melodic content in his music.
His skills as a dancer, yoga enthusiast and martial artist have helped him develop his own unique, dynamic style with the instrument through years of practice and research.
Morgan has taken it upon himself to produce his music from the ground up and has been working in his studio for the past 4 years.
Learning modern metal production, honing his arrangement skills and developing as a songwriter with something unique to share.
Finally, Morgan is on the brink of releasing his long awaited debut album – TERRAN.
His debut single ‘A Formless Icon’ has been released on July 29th, 2022.
After 15+ years of dedication to the instrument, developing as a modern musician, touring small venues to performing for massive crowds, diving deep into the lonely realm of music production, the countless hours honing his skills as a composer…
It has all led to this body of work.
So buckle up, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle and let Morgan take you to a new realm of guitar driven, instrumental metal mayhem with his debut album – ‘Terran’.

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