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10.03 DK, Copenhagen – Hotel Cecil
11.03 DK, Copenhagen – Hotel Cecil
12.03 DK, Aarhus – Train
18.03 DK, Aalborg – Streetfood
19.03 DK, Odense – Posten
25.03 DK, Sønderborg – Sønderborghus
26.03 DK, Køge – Tapperiet
15.-18.06 DK, Copenhagen – Copenhell
02.07 DE, Münster – Vainstream Rockfest

Siamese brand new LP ‘HOME’ sees the band further develop their distinctive sound into a heavier realm.
It’s bolder and it’s more experimental, but most of all the riffs are more wicked, innovative and unique compared to their previous work.
Going from an R’n’b metal vibe to a very grand and gutteral sound the guys from Siamese make sure that each album tells a story about the time it was created.
Never looking back – always moving forward.
Made during the corona pandemic the album is the bands most personal to date with real life crisis revolving around their very own domicil.
Having already released fireproof bangers such as ‘Can’t Force The Love’ and ‘Home’ featuring Drew York, Siamese are set to take the next step into the international core scene with what must be considered as their best album to date.
Track by Track
Heights Above
The albumstarter and the first hint towards what Siamese aim for on this new 12 track LP.
Hardcore screaming blended with a massive sing along stadion chorus, and some of the most challenging instrumental work that Siamese have presented as a band.

THAT INTRO! was the imminent reaction from the youtube community!
Mixing hizzing synths with some upbeat rythms ‘Home’ is made out of that “special matter” that makes a song stand out from the rest.
I consider this chorus to be one of the best we have ever written in our career.

You never know where this banger is going.
Is it a ballad, an uptempo punk song or a metalcore anthem?
Well it kinda does all of those things at once.
This is a showcase of how experience in songwriting can take a song alot of placing while stil staying coherent.
The lyrical concept is a very real one-sided relationsship situation.

The first real ballad that Siamese have ever written.
Well kinda.
Song is a tribute to a close friend fighting to come back to the world after severe depression.
A story seen from the point of view from a friend.
How most of us see people with depression.
Like someone we need, love and just expect nothing but honesty from.
Break the stigma of mental health.

–-Can’t Force The Love
Lyrically the song is dedicated to a person I had to let go last year.
Not to diss her, or to point fingers, but to explain what an impossible idiot I am, and why she’s better off without me to be honest.

–-Erase My Mind
This is a song about the night and generally that feeling we felt about corona stealing the night from us.
Going out was dearly missed and this song is our naive and sentimental urge to go out in to the night at meet perfect strangers.
The we wanted the composition to bring back memories about the EMO scene and and ode to bands lige Saosin, Circa Survive and Sleeping With Sirens.

–-Enough Ain’t Enough
This track is about our personal frustration concerning the lockdowns.
Andreas and I wanted to convey a positive message during a really frustrating period of both of our lives.
‘Enough Ain’t Enough’ is an outlet and a healthy way for us to remind each other, that none of this is forever.
We can’t wait to live fast and die old when the world returns.

Numb is another product of sitting at home and watching the pandemic unfold.
A scary realization that nothing seemed to affect or scare me anymore.
Millions of people have died during covid, but my biggest concern was whether or not I could go to a restaurant.
Not to point fingers at anyone else but myself.
The bombardment of bad news truly left me numb.
We had to write it down cause I believe I am not alone in my guilty conciseness, and the inner war with myself about this.

–-Rather Be Lonely
It’s really weird to release a song that makes you proud and really sad at the same time.
‘Rather Be Lonely’ is the song we spent the most time writing on.
It’s probably because it’s so brutally honest and being honest about defeat and deceit can be downright sickening to put on paper.

–-Past The End
A banger about being way past a relationship.
It’s about reaching that point where all the 2nd. 3rd. 4th. chances have been missed.
Instrumentally we love this song for being in a different tempo than we normally do, and also the riffs are very new in the Siamese univers.

We wanted to do something completely left, and Andreas just loves this song so much.
The main challenge here was to write a rock song but also stay in the same key as Björk.
So we did. Song is in original key, and I have to say that I love singing it.

A personal song, with what has become our favourite composition.
The grandeur of this really makes us happy.
The lyrical concept is one I’ve had in the shelf for years.
It’s Mirzas personal experience with being a refugee in Denmark, growing up to be a succesful citizen, but still feeling institutionally unaccepted.
By the way – the chorus line was a conversation Mirza remembered having with his mom when he was a kid.
He asked why they would move from Yugoslavia to Denmark while his mother replied:
Freedom, my son. (Sloboda, moj sine).

All the lyrics evolve around values, ideas and real life situations happening within ourown four walls.
It’s a weird and very fragile open door to our thoughts and lives.

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