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finnish hard/southern rock band
will release their album
‘Exciting Sounds From The Village’

Pretty evil
Keep Calm, Now
Kiss the ground
The crown of fools
Trust me
Between the lines
Face to face
When God created country music
What was going on?
Insanity blues

The South/East hails from a small town called Savonlinna, Finland.
In 2017 Janne Mannonen (the drummer of YUP, Rämlord, etc.) began to put together a band to expand his musical priorities as much as possible, and also to have a band where he could play guitar.
So, finally the band took the shape of Timo Salmenkivi (Rämlord, Lipsaset) on vocals, Pasi Myllys on guitar, Heikki Juuti on bass, Antti Kinnunen on drums and Taavi Kervinen on banjo, keyboards, mandolin and bagpipe.
The band’s music is a mix of everything:
seventies rock, post-punk, Southern, eighties, garage, prog, Americana, etc.
All this goes through The South/East process, and the rest is magic.

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