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American indie trio
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Call Me Cannon is a musical trio with a mission to ‘do what we want as long as it rocks’.
Their latest offering, ‘Circles’ is slated for May 30, 2023.
‘Circles’ is full of energetic smoothness over the indie-rock tendencies that will strike the listener from the first note.
Their music is simple yet complex.
The song’s arrangement involves a dreamy and calm soundscape; this is accompanied by instruments of bass, drums, guitar, and keyboards.
They capture a sense of readiness to dance.
The track is driven by hard grooves and topped off with silky smooth vocals, on this particular tune that will be turning heads in Call Me Cannon’s Direction.
Michael Fitz recalls working on an offshore oil rig at 22 when he wrote Circles.
One particularly dark night he went up to the heliport with his guitar and began playing to the stars and the ocean waves.
From this isolated and hostile environment, Circles was created.
“‘Circles’ is a song about the relationship between the physical world and the metaphysical world and how they are connected.”
Call Me Cannon consists of Michael Fitz, Jonathan Clark, and Tony Brock.
In 2005, Michael met Tony when he was working on his album, ‘Never Look Back’.
They instantly became fast friends and recorded two more albums, ‘Poetic Justice’, and ‘Everything Must Change’.
Then, in 2018, Michael met Jonathan when they worked together on Michael’s album, ‘Colors in the Wind’.
From these varied projects Michael realized that Tony and Jonathan were such amazing musicians he should get them together in the studio to see what would happen.
In 2022, Michael Fitz, Jonathan Clark and Tony Brock got together at Travis Dickerson’s studio in Chatsworth CA to record one song.
It was instant magic.
“From that moment on we had only one mission ‘do what we want as long as it rocks'”.
With that spirit, Michael introduced some of his favorite songs he had written but never recorded.
This inauspicious beginning turned into Call Me Cannon.
Their debut album, ‘Better Late Than Never’, is a Genre Bending masterpiece.
Deeply rooted in an eclectic mix of Classic Rock, Pop-Punk and Retro Rock, Call Me Cannon has a sound that is both unique and familiar.
For those of you who don’t already know Tony.
Tony Brock’s credits are as long as a country mile but he is most recognized for founding The Babys, recording and touring with Rod Stewart and Jimmy Barnes, and his work with Bernie Taupin.
Jonathan Clark has played with the greats Glenn Frey/Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Christopher Cross, Peter Cetera, Post Malone, and is currently recording and touring with Dwight Yoakam.
Michael has written and recorded 17 independent albums and had two songs nominated for Song of the Year by Hollywood Independent Music Awards (HIMA) in 2006 and 2017.
He is also known for his work with Neil Young.

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