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German NWOBHM act
will release album
‘Metal Til The End’

Metal Til The End
Mr. Crowley
Serpents Kiss
Serves You Right
Metal Melodies

pic by Joerg Tochtenhagen

Wardress are:
Erich Eysn – vocals
Gor Moore – guitars, back vocals
Kimon Roggenbruck – guitars
Mirco Daugsch – bass
Andy Setter – drums

Wardress were originally formed in Nürtingen in 1983 and have been dedicated to 80s NWOBHM ever since, but failed to cement their status with an album release in their early years.
It took a quasi-re-formation in 2018 when guitarist Gor and vocalist Erich decided to finally put some recovered original song material from the band’s early days on record.
So in 2019 they finally released their debut ‘Dress For War’ (2019) on which old songs as well as current material were immortalised.
The band used the time of the pandemic measures to work on their second album ‘Metal Til The End’, on which the band remains stylistically true to their roots and at the same time makes the album title the programme!
Sawing riffs with surprising breaks and anthemic melodies alternating with exploding solos, complemented by bitingly ironic lyrics.
Production and mix, for which Rolf Munkes is responsible in the Empire Studio in Bensheim, provides a dynamic live-like atmosphere.
‘Metal Til the End’ seems to breathe, sweat and bleed.
Heavy metal in its purest form, original and yet simply timeless!
Their second album ‘Metal Til The End’ will be released on the 17th of march, 2023.

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