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Norwegian heavy metal act
will release album
‘A Brave Horizon’

Artwork by Mina Lynum

A Brave Horizon
The Fire Within
Flight of the Wolves
Keys to Reality
Transcending Time
Force Majeure
Vermilion Skies
Climbing the Heights
The Distant Chimes

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‘The Fire Within’ lyric video by Andrea Mantelli.

All music and words written, and instruments performed by Thomas Carlsen.
Recorded in Carlsen’s home studio.
Mixing and mastering by Marius Danielsen at Legend Recording Studio.

pic by Jørgen Holst

the vocalists:
Atli Guðlaugsson (tracks 2-10)
Arnaud Ménard (track 3)
Alain Concepcion (tracks 4-8)
Marius Danielsen (track 5)
Sebastian Palma (tracks 7-9)

‘A Brave Horizon’ is guitar virtuoso Thomas Carlsen’s highly anticipated, first full-length album, a 52-minute collection of Heavy Metal music, written and performed by Thomas Carlsen and 5 incredible vocalists from around the world.
The new album is slated for a July 14th release on digital platforms and Compact Disc with 3 singles accompanying the pre-release.
Thomas Carlsen:
“These songs continue building on what I started with my debut EP, ‘Redemption’; some tracks on the heavier, more riff-based side and some on the more melodic, toned-down side. There are also new elements in the music; like a couple of longer, progressive pieces, that I’m sure will please most metal fans. All in all, I feel this is a strong follow-up to my EP that showcases more of what I am capable of as a player and songwriter.”
‘A Brave Horizon’ was written and recorded in Carlsen’s home studio.
Some of the tracks date from before the release of the ‘Redemption’ EP, although most of them were written in an incredibly fruitful period directly after his signing with RFL Entertainment in February 2022.
After the vocalists had delivered their performances, mix and mastering duties were completed at Legend Recording Studio by Marius Danielsen in April 2023.
‘A Brave Horizon’ is not only a record strongly infused with elements from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dokken, it is also a fierce, soulful, Heavy Metal album in its own right.
The first single, ‘The Fire Within’ kick-starts the process leading up to the release of the full album, crashing in with its thunderous drums and twin guitar leads with vocals performed by none other than one of Iceland’s finest voices, Atli Guðlaugsson of Power Metal band Power Paladin.
Thomas Carlsen’s Transmission is a Heavy Metal project by Norwegian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Thomas Carlsen.
His music is rooted in 80s style rock and metal, inspired by bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Dokken.
Thomas released his debut EP, ‘Redemption’ in August 2021 to positive reviews from the underground scene;
this eventually led to his signing to US label RFL Entertainment in February 2022.
He is now following his EP up with a full-length album, ‘A Brave Horizon’, slated for a July 14th release on RFL Entertainment.

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