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Dutch melodic metal band
has released single
‘Black Bishop’

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Groningen, Netherlands, based melodic Metal band Maestro has released single ‘Black Bishop’.
This single track is a song already written in the eighties.
The lyrics are about playing chess.
Recorded before as a demo track back in 1989.
Covered, recorded and released by the Dutch cult metal band Vortex on their ‘Hammer of the North’ album in 2003.
With a different title (Where’s My Gun) and lyrics.
They’re also from the city of Groningen.
But now finally properly recorded by Maestro for their upcoming full, new album ‘Get it on!’.
Which shall be released by Pt78 Records.
Maestro is a melodic rock band.
Heavily inspired by bands like Dio, KISS, Queen, Dokken, TNT, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Queensryche, Winger, Triumph, Y&T etc.
This track is also mastered to sound as an eighties track.
‘Black Bishop’ will be accompanied by a lyrics video soon.
A teaser video has already been released.

has released their new single
‘Something Else’

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Music by Orion Roos
Lyrics by Wieke van der Veen
Maestro musicians on this recording are:
Wouter Zuiderveld – lead and backing vocals, guitars and keyboards
Orion Roos – guitars and backing vocals
Peter Douwenga – bass and backing vocals
Jahrin Kersten – drums
Special guest:
Wieke van der Veen – backing vocals


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Maestro was originally formed back in Juli 1989 by Orion Roos (currently also guitarist with the Dutch heavy metal band Vortex/Metalbats from the city of Groningen, since 1999) and by bass player René van Zonneveld (ex-Vortex).
Maestro plays their own compositions of mainly Melodic (Hard)Rock music.
Ranging between rock ballads, AOR and Heavy Metal.
In the beginning of the nineties, two demonstration cassettes were released.
These demo cassettes are highly sought after and are collectibles nowadays.
These cassettes were promoted with many live gigs, back in the day.
Through the years, many band members came and went.
Because René and Orion joined the heavy metal band Vortex, there was little time left for Maestro.
But in the summer of 2008 they picked up Maestro again, pretty much where they left off.
New recordings were made with Praying Mantis (UK) guest singer John ‘Jaycee’ Cuijpers and Pepijn Gros (Ivy’s Dream) behind the drums.
After a while singer Anne Blouw joined Maestro and drummer Jahrin Kersten replaced Pepijn.
René also left the band to be replaced by bass player Peter Douwenga (ex-Vortex).
Together with the new band members, plans were made to make new recordings in order to get more live gigs.
The recordings went great and were officially released as an extended play compact disc.
Maestro – ‘Can’t Stop (Thinkin’ ‘Bout You)’ was released at the end of 2018 by record label Big Bad Wolf Records from The Netherlands.
Due to catchy songs it still gets a lot of radio airplay.
Soon after this release singer/guitarist Wouter Zuiderveld joined Maestro.
In January of 2019, Maestro decides with record labels Big Bad Wolf Records and Headbangers Records to master and release the earlier made recordings with singer John ‘Jaycee’ Cuijpers as a promotional CD called ‘On The Run’.
Currently Maestro is working on a full-length album which shall be released in 2022.
The new album will include at least ten new original songs.
At the moment, Maestro is still looking for a fitting record label.

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