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American heavy metal band
‘Angel Born’

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Gordon Tittsworth – vocals, rhythm guitar (studio-only)
Steve Dorssom – drums, percussion
Victor Morell lead guitar
L. Dean Harris – piano, keyboards
Eric Mulvaine – bass

Veteran metal band Images of Eden had released 2021 its fifth studio album, entitled ‘Angel Born’, via Pavement Entertainment.
The album is the follow-up to the band’s 2018 album, ‘Soulrise’, which was produced by the legendary Bill Metoyer.
‘Angel Born’ features 11 tracks of innovative metal, as well as a modern cover of Triumph’s inspirational ‘Fight The Good Fight’.
In conjunction with the release of ‘Angel Born’, Images of Eden has also done a music video for ‘My Promise’.
Director, producer, and drummer Steve Dorssom says,
“This song is about dealing with sudden loss of an extremely close loved one and the grief that follows, but more specifically about getting much needed confirmation that the loved one is now in a good place.”
Because of the personal nature of the material, Dorssom found the process of writing the video script emotionally difficult.
Dorssom adds,
“It hit close to home in a lot of ways. I almost had to bail on the story because I became an emotional wreck, but I pulled it together and was able to finish the pre-production which turned into a fantastic music video! The final video captures how a tragedy can be turned into glorious heights by honoring a loved one’s dreams then making them come true! ‘This is My Promise to you.'”
Images of Eden is a fearless concept band that brings together familiar, well-loved elements of metal and rock combined with their own unique vision, message and delivery.
The result is a distinct musical hybrid that speaks directly to the struggles and tribulations of the listener.

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