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Indian heavy metal act
has released single/video
‘Siege Sombre’

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They are a Metal band from Thane who have been around the Metal circuit in India as a live band for more than 7 years and have played 50+ Metal Gigs.
Have toured many Indian cities and wants to explore new adventures with touring new countries and cities.
The band’s name is derived from an inherent concept of Indian philosophy which firmly believes that the universe has been recurring and will continue to do so.
This concept is very prominent in Indian philosophy.
It describes their roots, existence, lyrics and most importantly the prodigious factor of them all, MUSIC.
Hence, the name attracted them.
They find themselves on the pathway of discovering a destructive yet an accessible style of modern metal.
The band currently functions remotely as their Drummer is from Ukraine.
For local shows they hire a session artist and as soon as the war ends Viktor can commence his duties of playing international shows.
From their upcoming album ‘Hunchback Hatred’ they present you the single ‘Siege Sombre’.

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