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German heavy hetal act
has released single/video
‘Live Now’

cover by Gudrun Müller

Live Now
Fountain Of Youth
Win This Fight
Mother Earth
Poor Boy
Alone In The Dark
Judgment Of The Gods

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pic by sven biwo

BIWO are:
Sven Biwo – vocals, guitar
Finley – guitar
Justus – bass
Hanno – drums

BIWO a melodic melodic Heavy Metal band from Germany’s Ruhr area has released their single/video ‘Live Now’.
Mastermind Sven Biwo explains ‘Live Now’:
“There are enough assholes in the world – people who want to pull you down. We invite you to forget all that shit for a moment. Live now – and do what you feel like doing! Because tomorrow might be too late. Don’t waste your time with negative stuff – grab a beer, raise your fist and shout it out loud!”
BIWO stands for absolutely honest, infectiously catchy, emphatically down-to-earth and classically timeless MELODIC HEAVY METAL with a well-dosed shot of Teutonic bullishness.
It is clear to hear that here is a musically thoroughly inspired genre fan ambitious at the start, who makes his real music for just such real fans – uncomplicated Heavy Metal brotherhood is there so very heavy.
The enormously varied and sustainably catchy songs breathe the unique, unused 80’s spirit with delicious fervor and in such depth that you simply cannot escape the charm of BIWO if you feel sincerely connected to the early Heavy Metal from that time.
The very special time when the blessed and equally obscure GAMA Records released unforgettable records by top artists like Stormwitch, Veto and Tyran’ Pace – and the scene cult around it grows with every year.
Self-promoting and giga-virtuoso orgies of perfection are therefore not at all what BIWO is about, rather the eternally attractive underground is indulged in.
And although bandleader Sven sees himself more as a soloing mainman with guest musicians, the result sounds damn organic, homogeneous and completely free of wear and tear.
All songs on ‘Life And Death’ were composed and recorded by Sven Biwo single-handedly.
The mix and mastering were also done by master Biwo at Cubi Studios Bochum.
The pleasantly idiosyncratic artwork is deliberately not an obligatory Photoshop bombardment – it comes from the brushes of Gudrun Müller.
The idea for the band was born in January 2020 when Sven (guitar and vocals) and Justus (bass) met at a benefit concert.
With Hanno (drums), whom Justus knew from his school days, a man for the kettles was then also found.
Shortly before the first rehearsal the pandemic came and with it the break for the formation.
However, Sven took advantage of the creative break and began to transform the ideas into songs and to realize a finished album.
The final touches were put on ‘Life And Death’ in the summer of 2022, when the first real rehearsals began and the tracks were given a new shine in the rehearsal room.

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