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German metalero
has released single/video
‘Remedy (Metal Version)’

to watch the video-clip ‘Remedy (Metal Version)’, please click play…

Ben Blutzucker loves LEGO-Bricks.
Ben Blutzucker loves Heavy Metal.
So why not combine?
Now Ben, from Düsseldorf from Germany, has released his new video ‘Remedy (Metal Version)’.

German metalero
has released single/video
‘They Call Me Trinity’

track list of the EP:
Apache (The Shadows Cover)
Son of a Gun
Dead or Alive
Tombstone Alley
They Call Me Trinity (aka Trinity: Titoli)

to watch the video-clip ‘They Call Me Trinity’, please click play…

‘They Call Me Trinity’ is not only the title track of the spaghetti western of the same name, the released single is also the harbinger of the Wild West EP ‘Son of a Gun’, which will be available on November 18th.
The EP has 5 cartridges in the cylinder and will be released both digitally and on CD.
For the title song ‘Son of a Gun’ a new stop-motion music video in the typical toy bricks look will be available on the release day.

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