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American hardcore band
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Nu Light
Basement Days
Interlude II
Festival of Rats
The Cluster
Jameson Fog
Medusa Oblongata

to watch the video-clip ‘Slug’, please click play…
to watch the video-clip ‘BackBreaker’, please click play…

Today hardcore four-piece Detachment announce their plans to release their debut album ‘Lack’ on October 13, 2023.
The debut album follows the release of several highly-praised singles including their ‘Gaslight’ EP, which charted at No. 6 out of 50 on the radio Metal Contraband charts, and their single ‘Slug’ which racked up over 12k listens on Spotify to date.
The album encompasses the band’s grandeur and ambitious influences ranging from metal to shoegaze to emo and everything in between.
Alongside the album announcement, the band presents two music videos for their singles ‘Slug’ and ‘BackBreaker’.
“We are utterly exuberant to announce the release of our debut LP, Lack. We want to take the listener on a disarrayed journey of every emotion from anger to bitterness to calm to collected halcyon and everything in between.”
Forming in 2018 on Long Island NY, the quintet Detachment has been working feverishly to carve out their own niche in the hardcore scene.
From releasing their ferocious single, ‘Slug’, in November of 2021 and their eclectic follow-up ‘BackBreaker’ the following April, the group has officially perfected their distinctively crushing and melodic sound with their debut full-length entitled ‘Lack’.
The album takes you on a visceral journey of many sounds and emotions.
Detachment consists of vocalist Robert Folan, Roberto Rivera, and Nick Montalvo on guitars, Morgan Blanco on bass, and Ben Wyrick on drums.

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